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Why customers don’t click on search results?

Luigi's Blog | November 11, 2021
Why customers don’t click on search results?

Searches without clicks make up an average of about two-thirds of all searches. There are two main reasons for this:

Searches without a click on results
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(Almost) all the essential information is already in the product tile

The current trend is to provide a lot of product information in the product tile as part of search results. The customer can find there not only the price and amount of the discount but also the stock availability or product delivery time.

For many visitors, the display of search results is sufficient to meet their information needs as they can find out if the product is available in the given e-shop and at what price.

Customers are only interested in the first page

However, in the absence of interaction with search results, the main reason is the low relevance of the results. Visitors expect to find relevant products in the first positions of the results and especially they expect to find what they are looking for on the first page.

Almost 90% of visitors check only the first page when viewing search results in e-shops. Therefore, proper product ranking is a key to getting search conversions.

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