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Searches without Clicks

Discover which searches were unsuccessful in getting clicks from online visitors and reasons why.

What are Searches without clicks?

Searches without clicks are searches that weren’t successful enough and didn’t turn up with search results that would be desirable to click by the online visitors. This can happen when search turns up with inaccurate results, lack of products similar to the original searched term, or other similar reason. Searches without clicks are unsuccessful and therefore have zero chance of turning up with a conversion.

How can you use the Searches without clicks analytics?

This type of analytic can show you exactly which searches were unsuccessful in getting any clicks from online visitors. The searches without clicks analytic can bring you insight and show you the reasons why customers decided to either repeat a search with a different keyword, or exit the search completely.

Use this data in the future to make sure your searches will get some clicks in any circumstances.

What are the benefits of the Searches without clicks analytics?

  • Find out which searches turned up with zero clicks
  • Improve thanks to comprehensive search and click data