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Enterprise search software

Breakthrough Software to Boost Your Enterprise’s Search Experience

Looking for enterprise search software that fits your needs and takes an instant edge over your competitors? Meet Luigi's Box.

With Luigi's Box, you can easily increase the search experience and customer satisfaction with cutting-edge enterprise search features. These include fast data processing, instant search results, controlling your search bar, etc.

Luigi's Box advantages

Why use Luigi's Box as your next enterprise search engine?

Luigi’s Box is fast, easy to navigate, and scalable. You can seamlessly modify your site to accommodate your growing enterprise data needs.

  • Improve site performance with fast page loading. It helps your potential customers to stick and engage with your site.
  • Give personalized product recommendations based on the query and search history. Show relevant content based on user behavior.
  • Intuitive interface for easy navigation and usage. Users are more likely to trust websites with clear and consistent navigation structures. They are also more likely to return to these websites in the future.


higher conversion rate for fast loading sites


lower bounce rates with personalization


visitors consider easy site navigation important

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Search results relevancy

Ensure precision by showing relevant products

Displaying relevant products elevates the customer experience by catering to individual preferences, fostering a sense of personalization, and enhancing satisfaction, ultimately leading to increased engagement and higher chances of conversion.

Advanced dynamic filters

Enhance search experience with a set of advanced filters

Advanced filters refine search results, allowing users to precisely narrow down information based on specific criteria, saving time and delivering more relevant results, ensuring an efficient and focused search experience.

Luigi's Box features

One search solution - Multiple benefits for your enterprise

Luigi's Box has all the features to improve your site's performance and user experience. From its setup to giving search results, it has multiple benefits for your enterprise. Following are some of the best ones it has to offer:

Full-text search for improved relevancy
Full-text search for improved relevancy

Its powerful full-text search performance allows enterprises to perform complex queries on diverse data types, including text, numerical data, geospatial information, and more. This enables comprehensive searching across different data sources.

Natural language search for improved accessibility
Natural language search for improved accessibility

Luigi’s Box allows users to input search queries in natural language—mirroring how they would ask questions conversationally. This capability empowers employees across different skill levels to efficiently navigate and retrieve relevant data without requiring technical or specialized search expertise.

Scalability for handling large volumes of searches
Scalability for handling large volumes of searches

We understand that as enterprises grow, their data volume increases. Luigi’s Box’s scalability allows it to handle large volumes of documents, ensuring it remains effective and efficient even as the enterprise expands.

Advanced document search for quicker results
Advanced document search for quicker results

Luigi’s Box’s capability to perform advanced searches within documents, such as searching by content, user intent, metadata, or even specific sections, enables users to pinpoint information quickly and accurately.

Try Luigi’s Box enterprise search application

If you are ready to boost your enterprise’s digital experiences for your customers, try Luigi’s Box now.


    Frequently asked questions

    What is an enterprise search software?

    Enterprise search software cleans and structures data, enabling users to securely enter and find data across various sources, including databases, documents, applications, websites, and intranets.

    Users across multiple roles and teams can benefit from using enterprise search software since retrieving data from a mix of databases and shared sources is key to accomplishing many tasks within a business setting.

    Why choose Luigi's Box over other enterprise search platforms?

    Luigi’s Box is an advanced enterprise search tool with some of the best key features and search capabilities. It’s a powerful search tool that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to process the data and show results based on user search queries.

    What types of searches can Luigi's Box help with?

    Luigi’s Box supports suggestions for products, collections, queries, pages, and even a blog post or article. This feature can be used for content marketing and product suggestions.

    What are the main enterprise search solutions and features?

    Enterprise search solutions should come with advanced features such as advanced filters, autocomplete, document search, voice search, multilanguage support, and personalization, to ensure the delivery of relevant and valuable content and a terrific experience for users. It should work with AI and be easily integrated.