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Search software for Corporates

Intelligent search is a must for corporate companies, whether "inside" the company or "outside." Why? First, you want to use a search solution in your company that is fast, accurate, and reliable for the most effective results. At the same time, you want your clients to navigate your website as efficiently as possible, always to get the information and products they need, and to leave them satisfied with the desire to use your services again.

Luigi's Box Search

Luigi’s Box Search is a powerful e‑commerce tool that uses Artificial Intelligence to collect data and learn from search users and thus improving search results based on their interactions on websites. Our intelligent search offers several advanced features to enhance your search capabilities.

For example, Autocomplete feature shows results from the first type, saving plenty of time and making browsing easier. Autocomplete works with typo correction and synonyms management to always get the most accurate results.

Luigi’s Box Search also offers a feature that covers searching in documents with unstructured texts and makes the information in them easier to find. Support of PDF, Word, Excel, and RTF document search.

Thanks to techniques like NLP, typo correction, and synonyms management we can avoid searches bringing no results. If the website has a vast amount of information, multiple databases, or numerous branches around the world, it may feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. That’s where Faceted search comes in handy because it allows you to refine and narrow down the number of search results by picking one, three, or several item criteria or facets. A faceted search also allows users to specify multiple characteristics simultaneously. Dynamic facets show only the relevant filters by displaying a different set of facets depending on the user’s intent.

Luigi’s Box offers comprehensive Luigi’s Box Analytics, with a visual dashboard with the overall state of the search to learn about what visitors do on your website. What are the most interesting search queries, and how many search queries return no results and even lost opportunities due to search imperfections? Curious and want to see it with your own eyes? Discover all options of Luigi’s Box in our live demo.

Best features for Corporates

Advanced search and proper analytics are the most important must-haves. The more you know about your search, the better. With all the collected information from analytics, you will know what to focus on, what you should improve, and what to remove to offer the best services in your field. But there are other features you should consider using.

One of the great features is Luigi’s Box Recommender. Based on the user’s interaction on the website, we can predict his intention and personalize the website’s content to offer only relevant information or products. Besides personalized recommendations based on the previous interaction or similarity with previous website interactions, Recommender also provides alternatives to unavailable products or services to choose from.

If you offer a wide variety of goods and services, you should consider adding Luigi’s Box Product listing feature. Help users quickly search and give them more information about the entire range of products in one go, compare it with other offers, view product reviews, and ultimately make a purchase.

Benefits of using Luigi's Box

So, what are the exact benefits of using Luigi’s Box on your website?

Luigi’s Box Search and its search analytics uses artificial intelligence to provide a better full-text search in real-time. A constantly learning AI algorithm ensures that relevant results are at the top of the list, creates an opportunity to personalize your website to the user’s intent, and improves your advertisement to capture many new customers. Intelligent search provides more straightforward navigation on the website for your clients, so they quickly get to desired services, even to customer support and essential contacts. And easier navigation through tons of internal databases, e-mails, and information.

As we mentioned, Recommender also provides alternatives to unavailable products and always offers suggestions even to similar ones to those already browsed, reserved, or bought. For example, if your employee is looking for a course or training, but the one he wants is already fully booked, Recommender offers them a similar course or the same course on another date.

The same goes for your customers; if the service they are looking for is unavailable, offer them a similar one or a complementary service to the one they already have in their cart. In addition, recommender boxes often feel like a native part of the website because you can place them anywhere you want without slowing down your website.

People of Luigi’s Box combine all their knowledge to constantly improve your services and always be a few steps ahead of the competition.

How to get one of the best corporate searches?

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Frequently asked questions

What are the essential search features for corporates?

As everywhere, in corporate companies too, it is crucial to get the required information quickly and especially always to get relevant results corresponding to your entered query. Using state-of-the-art technologies such as AI and machine learning also helps with this. This helps with personalized search and relevant results. It is also essential to adapt the search on the site not only on the desktop but also on mobile devices.

How can I start using Luigi's Box?

It’s very straightforward. Firstly fill in our form for creating a new account with the URL of your website, your business email address, and a phone number. The minimum to start using our services is to set up the analytics. Luigi’s Box Analytics provides data for the AI for all products and later lets you see the impact that Luigi’s Box has on your enterprise’s economic performance. When analytics is done, and it’s all set we offer you a custom demo that will be tailored to a specific use case, with which we have extended experience.