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Autocomplete Showcase

Encourage website visitors to use search bar showing examples of relevant products through animation.

What is Autocomplete showcase?

Autocomplete showcase is a feature that encourages website visitors to engage with the search bar and begin a search. The feature shows an animation of various keywords being typed into the search bar to catch the visitors’ attention and provide product examples.

This animation plays as soon as the visitor enters a website with a search bar that has this feature. The animation is disabled when the user either makes a search or when they enter their shopping cart. This ensures that users won’t get distracted and can continue their journey.

How can you use Autocomplete showcase?

Autocomplete can be used to encourage customers to start searching for products while also serving as a simple guide to show how to begin a search. It’s great for catching visitors’ attention too, which makes them more likely to find something to purchase.

As soon as your online visitors enter your e‑shop, they will be able to see the Luigi’s Box search bar with various product names and keywords being automatically written into the search box. This not only helps you to catch your online visitors’ attention, but it can encourage them to immediately start a search.

This animated element fills two roles – it helps users locate the search box on the website and provides suggestions and examples of how to begin a search. The Autocomplete showcase uses various randomly generated keywords.

What are the benefits of Autocomplete showcase?

  • A simple but effective way of encouraging search
  • Shows examples of relevant products
  • Encourages purchasing behavior