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Auto-Suggest Search

It's relieving when an e‑commerce store's search box magically predicts search query - and even provides an extra list of related search items.

This helps potential buyers navigate seamlessly through an overwhelming number of products in your store, compare alternatives, and make a well-informed purchase decision.

Also called autocomplete or predictive search, the auto-suggest feature reduces typing by about 25 percent.

This tool is arguably one of the most valuable single investments of any e‑commerce business.

Trusted by more than 2,000 online businesses

What is auto-suggest?

Auto-suggest is search assistance that predicts website visitor search queries from the first character entered in the search bar.

The search application further produces a drop-down menu of search suggestions for users to find other information relevant to their search.

For instance, a visitor comes to your e-store for pet training mats. After typing P-e-t t-r-a-i in the search field, he finds the complete search term and a list of alternative terms.

This improves their overall search experience and helps them discover other products they might be interested in purchase.

How auto-suggest works

To generate search auto-suggestions, the search engine provides helpful query suggestions related to the characters input in the box, which auto-updates as you type in more characters.

Searcher’s screen size determines the number of auto-suggested keywords they get—less on smartphones and more on larger computer screens.

The auto-suggest tool works on visitors’ psyche, reassuring them of their search accuracy while offering more information and further assistance through relevant suggestions.

Often, buyers abandon the product they had in mind (which they inputted in the search form) for one of the suggested options.

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Why auto-suggest matters for e‑commerce

Dog grooming search with suggestions on Etsy

Makes search faster

Assuming a pet parent comes looking to purchase dog grooming accessories from your e‑commerce site. They hit D-o-g g-r-o-o-m-i-n-g characters into the input field, and there's a long list of product suggestions.

You'd have made a happy buyer who had a fast and seamless user experience searching for a solution to their queries.

With a search that suggests search results while the user types, you save plenty of search time. The less time customers spend on your site, the happier they are, and the higher your chances of winning their loyalty.

Dog search with suggestions

Strike out typos

An autocomplete list eliminates the need for accuracy and the fear of spelling mistakes.

A non-native English writer searching for a dog collar may not have the spelling all figured out, particularly the word 'collar.'

It'll relieve him to find the correct spelling and even more autocomplete suggestions after typing the first few characters of the search query.

This autocomplete feature may even pass for a spell checker.

More conversion

This particular feature can completely change your e‑commerce store's metrics. The accurate real-time prediction of users and suggested alternative keywords reassure people that they can quickly get what they came for and, in turn, increase conversions.

This easy shopping journey gives visitors a sense of satisfaction and increases their chances of returning.

Higher revenue

An autocomplete search plugin on your e‑commerce store cuts down bounce rates significantly.

Common causes of bounce rates include disruption, user confusion, or inability to find needed products on the search result. The autocomplete feature handles this concern, increases user engagement, and, in turn, higher revenue.

Better engagement

Too often, potential buyers are unaware of your store's complete package list.

Thankfully, an autosuggest bar allows your customer to see many popular products related to their searches, leaving them stuck on your site for longer.

How to integrate auto-suggest into your online store

Did it convince you about integrating an autocomplete search box into your e‑commerce store?

To achieve this, you can use your development team or outsource to the right vendor.

Although a few sites have had success with DIY integration, it can cost time and money. Besides, the result from such basic autocomplete libraries does not stand a chance with AI-powered autocomplete software.

Outsourcing your autocomplete search feature to tried-and-tested AI tools like Luigi’s Box is your best bet. Its accuracy, speed, affordability, ease of use, and advanced features place it in a class of its own.

Do you wish to join the increasing number of e‑commerce stores already benefiting from our auto-suggest tool?

Here are four easy steps to get on board and experience the autocomplete functionality:


Create a FREE account

You can set up your account with a few clicks within minutes. Simply fill out the short form, and your new account is set. What's more? Opening a Luigi's Box account is entirely FREE.


Insert the script

Use your Google Tag Manager or enter a line of code into your store's header.


Start improving

Upon launching analytics, you'll uncover new methods of achieving better results with your search box.


Keep exploring

Your realm of possibilities is unending with Luigi's Box tool. The AI configuration allows you to unlock a stream of additional services. As you navigate through and infuse more valuable tools into your site, you'll begin to unlock your e‑commerce store's potentials-all at your fingertips.

Still skeptical? Let’s discuss your worries

Do you still need to figure out how Luigi’s Box auto-suggest tool can help you grow your e‑commerce store?

Feel free to book a demo call to learn from our experts how the auto-complete plugin can help you close more sales. This FREE no-obligation consultation promises to be an eye-opener.

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Auto-suggest for mobile devices

While most searches on e-stores are desktop-based, an increasing number of e‑commerce visitors are mobile users. By 2024, almost half of all e‑commerce purchases will be made via smartphones.

Here are helpful tips to give mobile searches an impressive experience:

  • Make the search bar visible and easily accessible

  • The auto-suggestion list should maximize the screen and show compact results

  • Highlight matching the terms that match users' input in the search result

Discover other advanced search features of Luigi's Box

Voice search

Voice search

The Voice Search feature allows customers to search with voice commands. This adds convenience and style to users' journeys. The Voice Search feature particularly suits mobile users.

Dynamic filters

Dynamic filters

Search filters help you sift through product categories to find a specific product with a simple search.

AI-powered results

AI-powered results

Luigi's Box is powered by Artificial Intelligence that completely understands users' search intent and produces valuable results.

Customized experience

Customized experience

Our AI technology keeps notes of visitors' historical search patterns to improve their future search experience.

Frequently asked questions

What is an auto-suggest search?

Auto-suggest search feature simplifies visitors’ search by predicting search words and phrases.

How does auto-suggest search work?

Autocomplete predictions are informed by previous searches by your website users. The auto-suggest feature searches for and displays trending search terms that fit the characters typed into the search field.

What is the purpose of auto-suggest search?

  • Easy search and faster result
  • Encourages return buyers
  • Eliminates typing errors
  • Increases conversion
  • Higher revenue

How to launch Luigi's Box Autocomplete?

You can launch the search autocomplete feature on your e‑commerce store in minutes with these simple steps:

  • Create a free account
  • Enter in script code
  • Launch and explore the analytics
  • Unlock the unending realm of possibilities