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Contextual Search

Offer the most accurate search results with the feature to display results by the chosen department.

Contextual search is a Luigi’s Box feature that allows search to show the most relevant results based on the product categories and departments.

This feature selects the most accurate product results depending on which category the search was made in. When a website visitor clicks on the search bar with the intent to start a product search, the bar will recommend results only for the category the visitor picks.

How can you use Contextual search (Search in verticals)

Contextual search is a great feature for helping website visitors increase their chance to find the desired result, and in turn increase online sales. This feature ensures that only products relevant to a specific category will be shown. Therefore, if a customer makes a search for a product that shares its name with a product from a different category, they will never encounter wrong results from a different category than they made the search within.

For example, if a customer makes a search for “guitar” in the toy category, they will only be shown results for guitar toys instead of actual guitars.

What are the benefits of Contextual search (Search in verticals)?

  • Recommends results based on product category
  • Increases search accuracy
  • Improves customer satisfaction