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Full Text Score Ranking

Support your sales with product ranking quality improvement and ensure more relevant matches.

What is Full text score ranking?

Based on the search, full text score ranking indicates how close the match is related to the searched keywords. Full text in this case includes articles, texts, snippets of text, and most importantly product descriptions that come with each product listing and product detail.

The Full text score ranking bumps a product higher depending on how it relates to and matches a search query entered by customers. This feature ensures relevancy of product results during search.

How can you use Full text score ranking?

Each good eCommerce website needs to support its sales and marketing with quality content, such as videos, pictures, and articles. Product descriptions, product details, or even articles often include important product keywords and other terms that are often searched for.

The Luigi’s Box system determines the closest and most relevant matches and ranks each product accordingly. The closer the full text is to the related search keyword, the better its score rank.

This makes searches not only more relevant to customers, but it can also take care of excluding unwanted results, which leads to faster shopping times and increased customer happiness with each search.

How can you benefit from Full text score ranking

  • Improves the quality of your ranking based on full text
  • See accurate full text score ranking results
  • Increase customer happiness
  • Decrease unwanted results