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Learning to Rank

Rank products according to customers' preferences with a feature that learns from gathered data.

What is the Learning to rank feature?

The Learning to rank feature in Luigi’s Box is tightly connected to our Artificial Intelligence that powers the entire Luigi’s Box system. This smart feature uses all data gathered during searches and learns how to rank them in the best possible way for each individual customer.

The data from search help this feature determine which products they are most likely to preview or buy, and which ones aren’t of particular interest. Based on this, artificial intelligence will learn how to rank each product accordingly and show the best results in the search first.

How can you use the Learning to rank feature?

Ranking products according to customer preferences is incredibly important for the success of every search. Customers will primarily see the products they are most likely to check, preview, or buy, which in turn increases your chances of getting more sales. This feature can also help customers save immense amounts of time, and this is especially useful for e‑shops with large product selections, or for product categories that include products from many brands.

Customers simply won’t have to search and scroll through the entire product list, because their favorite products or brands will most likely already be in the top search results. Based on the data gathered from previous searches, Luigi’s Box ranking will determine which products have a higher chance of getting sold.

What are the benefits of using the Learning to rank feature?

  • Easier and more efficient search
  • Custom results for each customer
  • Better results with higher-ranking products
  • Saves time and increases sales