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Help customers find desired products easier by highlighting entered keywords of the product.

What is the Highlighting feature?

The Highlighting feature in Luigi’s Box is a simple but effective feature that highlights every word that was entered into a search query. This is especially useful for e‑shops with a larger number of products, but its usefulness is apparent in any e‑shop, regardless of its size. The entered keyword, product name, or phrase will be highlighted for each product that is entered into the search box.

This feature can be also enabled directly in the search results, to help customers find specific products. Highlighting works not only for product names, it can be used to find specific product features or properties that are described in each product detail.

How can you use the Highlighting feature?

Besides making the search easier in cases when customers want to find specific items, the Highlighting feature is useful for orientation in searches with varying results. Let’s say a customer enters a specific product feature that can be found in multiple products from multiple categories.

The Highlighting feature will highlight the desired keyword in each product detail, helping the customer determine which products and search results have the desired properties or features. This can help customers make fewer specific searches easier, they can also discover new products, and find something to buy.

What are the benefits of the Highlighting feature?

  • Automatically highlights searched words and phrases
  • Better focus and easier navigation in search