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Histogram Facets

Use histogram facets for numerical to facilitate search, for example, through price ranges.

What are Histogram facets?

Histogram facets are a useful feature in Luigi’s Box that helps the customer see not only the price range of a selected product type but also how many products in each price point are available in your e‑shop. Many online stores utilize a similar feature where users can select a price range for their desired products.

However, Luigi’s Box Histogram facets feature is unique compared to other similar solutions in online shops because it helps you see more price information. Another important factor is that Histogram facets make sure that customers won’t be able to select an unavailable or non-existing price point for any product they search for.

How can you use Histogram facets?

Histogram facets make price and product organizing a lot easier for customers. They allow them to see what prices a particular product type has and they can select products that fit their budget. More importantly, Histogram facets work as a simple slider that allows customers to see and select their price range, which means they are less likely to get a search with no results if the products don’t fit their price criteria.

They can simply search for a product and see what’s the average price for it and how many products with a particular price are available on your e‑shop. This makes shopping and organizing results significantly easier for each customer, especially when compared to a simpler slider solution that can be found on many e‑shops.

What are the benefits of using Histogram facets?

  • Easily accessible price information
  • Better budgeting options for customers
  • Easy to use and highly efficient