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Help users get relevant results and avoid the risk of no-results searches by unifying specific keywords.

What is Lemmatization feature?

Lemmatization is a process that groups together various forms of one word and assigns the same meaning to them, so they can be processed as a single item rather than different words. This process is defined by each lemma of each word, which is its dictionary form.

In terms of our Luigi’s Box feature, this process unifies all forms of specific product keywords. The customers will always get the same results for smartphone products regardless of if their search keywords are smartphone, smart phones, phone, or any other related form of said product type.

How can you use the Lemmatization feature?

Lemmatization makes search incredibly easier thanks to acknowledging various forms of words. A customer searching for a “smart phone” instead of a “smartphone” might get easily frustrated when the search doesn’t turn up with relevant product results. Thanks to the lemmatization and system analysis of the word or a word chain, the search will always come up with results relevant to the word.

This feature is useful in a number of use cases, as it prevents failed searches in case of typos, or when customers simply don’t know the correct spelling of certain products.

What are the benefits of Lemmatization?

  • Prevents typos and mistakes
  • Less time spent re-typing product names
  • Increased chance of getting correct search results
  • Improved chances of sale