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Novelty Preference

Give extra spotlight to new products in product search and increase your sales.

What is Novelty preference?

Novelty preference is a feature that ensures newer, unique, or otherwise interesting products will always show up in product search first before any other results. Interesting and new products are often attractive to online shoppers, and this increases their chances of being sold sooner.

How can you use Novelty preference?

Customers always prefer stores that have access to new products, so why not let them know about it with your search? Novelty preference is a great feature for giving special and new products some extra spotlight in every customer search.

Due to popularity of new product releases, newer products can have much higher chances of being sold to customers. Novelty preference therefore increases your chances of sale, and makes your e‑shop more likely to be visited again.

What are the benefits of Novelty preference?

  • Promote newer products in search
  • Increase your chances of sale
  • Gain return customers