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Offline A/B Testing

Test your platform in the offline environment to find out which version suits you best.

What is Offline A/B testing?

Ensuring the best results in your search is less likely without proper testing. That’s what offline A/B testing is for, and why it’s one of the best ways to find out what works for your e‑shop. Offline A/B testing refers to creating two versions of one solution, which are deployed in similar situations.

You can measure performance of both versions and see which version performed the best to ensure you will always get the best option at the end of the test.

How can you use Offline A/B testing?

Offline A/B testing is an integral part of improving your e‑shop’s performance and in turn general popularity. Having the best solutions available for your search is a key way of attracting new and returning customers. Make effective A/B tests and see which version works the best for your situation.

How can you benefit from Offline A/B testing?

  • Improve your online store performance
  • Provide the best solutions for online shoppers
  • Increase your store’s popularity