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Pin to Position

Promote chosen products by assigning them to the desired position in search results.

What is the Pin to position feature?

Pin to position allows you to customize product position in the search of your e-store. These pins can be placed to make certain products more visible, and encourage website visitors to take a look at them. Pinned products will always stay at the top position, regardless of other products with similar properties in the same category.

How can you use the Pin to position feature?

Looking to highlight specific products so your customers can easily discover them? Pin to position is the right feature for the job. Pin to position can be used in many scenarios, and it’s only up to you which products will get the pin. It can be used to promote newer products that deserve some extra spotlight in search, older products that don’t sell as well, niche products that customers wouldn’t otherwise find as easily, or products that would otherwise get lost because of a number of similar products. The only limit is your creativity.

What are the benefits of using the Pin to position feature?

  • Pinned products will always stay in the same place in search
  • Creative and flexible product promotion
  • Increased visibility of specific products