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Query Preprocessing

Make your search more dependable with a feature that eliminates search misunderstandings.

What is Query preprocessing?

Query preprocessing is a feature in Luigi’s Box that aids, corrects, and helps with input search queries, and reorganizes them behind the scenes to ensure correct search results. This includes a wide variety of tasks, including normalizing product dimensions and other properties, removing certain keywords from search, removing unnecessary characters, normalizing search queries to a correct form, or even replacing entire queries in case it’s necessary.

This feature is essential for every single search made by online customers, as it ensures the best search quality and removes any misunderstandings that might happen between the artificial intelligence and the customer during a search. The feature can accommodate any type of e‑shop, regardless of what it sells.

How can you use Query preprocessing?

Query preprocessing is essential for the success of each customer search. It works like magic behind the curtains and fixes every search query as necessary. If a customer enters a search query with incorrect data that they have no chance of knowing, Query preprocessing takes care of everything that could be misunderstood by our search. This helps your e‑shop search avoid searches without results, mistakes with showing different results than intended, and other common problems that come with each search service.

This feature makes Luigi’s Box one of the most dependable and reliable search solutions for any e‑shop.

What are the benefits of using Query preprocessing?

  • Makes search reliable, efficient, and dependable
  • Saves time
  • Accurate search results
  • Fewer misunderstandings during searches