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Search Cart Value

Get an overview of how often individuals use the search when adding items to the cart.

What is the Search cart value?

Cart value refers to the online customers’ shopping cart value during their online shopping trips. As customers add items to their shopping cart, the value increases. Search cart value is an analytics feature that can tell you more about shopping cart values while customers use the Luigi’s Box search.

How can you use the Search cart value analytics?

The Search cart value analytics is a Luigi’s Box feature related to Search. The system gathers data regarding the cart value of all individual customers who use the search to find specific products or discover new ones.

Learning what the customers’ search cart value is can reveal much information, such as how often they use search after they already filled their carts with items and more.

What are the benefits of the Search cart value analytics?

  • Learn how much is the cart value of each individual customer during their search
  • Gain an advantage with the right information