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Search Usage

Learn how often visitors use search, measure its effectivity and collect data for upgrade.

What is Search usage?

Luigi’s Box analytics feature called Search usage can help you find out how often and how frequently is the search on your e‑shop used by online visitors. This type of search usage analytic will always keep you updated about search use, and it can help you determine how popular it is.

How can you use Search usage analytics?

Search usage analytics are the ideal analytic for determining how popular your e‑shop and your search are. The more effective your search box is, the more browsing customers you’ll have. It’s an intuitive feature to help you determine how to improve your e‑shop in many regards, while continuously measuring the effectivity of your search and product listing.

What are the benefits of Search usage analytics?

  • Find out how often visitors use Search
  • Use analytic data for further improvement of your e‑shop