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Use AI-powered search, help customers get to their desired products and multiply your revenue.

What is Luigi’s Box Search?

Search is one of the top products and the primary tool in Luigi’s Box. It’s an extensive and comprehensive solution for website search that focuses on creating a superior user experience. While Luigi’s Box Search is most often seen in the eCommerce industry, it’s a perfect tool for any use case related to searching on websites.

The Search feature set includes a state-of-the-art search bar that can be easily placed on your website and used by customers to search for products, documents, and information. However that’s not all, the Search is supported by a collection of practical and powerful features to increase its usefulness and efficiency. The Search is powered by our own artificial intelligence that performs many tasks via automation while giving you enough room to customize the Luigi’s Box Search experience.

For example, you can take advantage of our autocomplete feature supported by autocomplete showcase, which not only fills out words written by the users, it can invite them and show them how to use it with simple animation. Luigi’s Box search can also help you sort and rank search results according to the preference of each customer, deal with difficult grammatical forms and unify them to make each search a piece of cake, or let you try out different Search configurations with offline and online A/B testing.

Looking to boost certain products in search and make them easier to find? Promote products in search with searchandising, place product banners in search, or utilize advanced filtering options. Keep track of your Search performance thanks to Analytics features that are directly connected and integrated with every single feature present in the Search. Want to learn more about our Search? Take a look at each Luigi’s Box feature and see what it can do for your business.

Luigi’s Box Search is an essential tool for e‑shops, online stores, but also any other type of website that requires an easy way to search for various types of information online. Place the Luigi’s Box Search box on your website and create a wonderful customer experience thanks to features that you just wouldn’t get with an essential search feature. Your website visitors can search more efficiently, find products and data much faster, and get more relevant results. This alone can improve your website’s popularity and make customers much happier to return.

The most useful part is that each search made is customized, unique, and tailor-made to every customer’s preferences. Our artificial intelligence learns and uses the correct adjustments for each customer to show them more relevant products based higher in the search, while still making it easier to for them filter products as they need in each category. Overall, Luigi’s Box Search can help you increase your earnings, improve customer satisfaction, increase customer happiness, and bring you more return customers than ever before. Try it out today and see why you can’t go wrong with Luigi’s Box Search!

  • Extensive and complete Search solution for your website
  • Fully-featured and effective search for any purpose
  • Ranking, boosting, and searchandising in search
  • A/B testing in online and offline modes
  • Support of grammatical forms, specials characters, and lemmatization
  • Complete and extensive search analytics