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Word Decompounding

Improve search flexibility without the need for specific keywords. Works perfectly with longer word structures.

What is the Word decompounding feature?

Word decompounding is the process of breaking down compound words into their separate meaningful parts. For example, the word laptop can be broken down into words “lap” and “top”, smartphone into “smart” and phone”, and motorcycle into “motor” and “cycle”.

Word decompounding in search is important because it helps identify individual keywords in compound words and use them to improve search results.

How can you use the Word decompounding feature?

Luigi’s Box Word decompounding feature helps identify product keywords typed into the search box. As an example, customers don’t necessarily have to search for products like “smartphones”, or “smart TV”, but rather “smart devices” in case they’re looking for some they haven’t explored yet.

This feature will identify the words “smart” and “devices”, and come up with the most relevant results in the search. Word decompounding can also help break down longer word structures, specific word combinations, or even sentences. This feature helps users find what they need without the need for specific keywords.

What are the benefits of the Word decompounding feature?

  • Improved search flexibility
  • Keyword recognition
  • Accurate search results