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Helping Financial Services with Efficient Results Delivery

How can Financial services benefit from using Luigi's Box? We created our solution to deliver necessary information quickly and efficiently to visitors with complex and diverse information needs and websites that contain a large volume of data.

Luigi's Box Search

Robust and intuitive search capabilities are crucial on financial services websites and help to enhance user engagement, reduce the frustration of complicated and time-consuming searches, and improve satisfaction.

Luigi’s Box Search offers several features for quick and efficient search for desired products and services. These features include, for example, smart autocomplete, which displays relevant results for the queries the customer enters in the search box from the first letter.

With advanced search, users can search the entire website for specific keywords or phrases, making it easier for them to find the information they need. For example, customers can search for frequently asked questions and find quick answers to common queries, reducing the need for support calls. As a result, this can decrease the number of support calls, freeing up resources for other tasks.

Another great search feature is advanced search filters. Search filters allow users to refine their search results based on specific criteria, such as product type, interest rate, fees, or branches with wheelchair access or open on weekends. In addition, our search is personalized from the first interaction. Based on customer history and preferences, it ensures the most accurate results for each customer.

How else can you use Luigi's Box?

Luigi's Box offers a complete package for your financial services site. Along with advanced search, Luigi's Box offers personalized product recommendations, product listing pages, and comprehensive analytics.

Luigi's Box Recommender

Improve user experience by providing personalized product and service recommendations. Luigi’s Box Recommender suggests products and services that meet customer needs and preferences based on a customer’s past purchase history.

For example, recommend banking products, budgeting tools, insurance policies, or other financial services to customers. Cross-sell and upsell related products such as saving accounts, a card with cashback rewards, and investment opportunities.

Luigi's Box Product Listing

Benefit from Luigi’s Box Product Listing, which ranks products based on several attributes, such as popularity, price, and relevance. The Product Listing also uses personalization elements. Since customers visit the website several times before committing, our system collects data about their preferences and, based on it, displays the most relevant products first.

In addition, you can make searching and browsing easier for them thanks to dynamic filters. Filters are easily customizable – you can adjust, add or remove them anytime.

Luigi's Box Analytics

Learn more about lost opportunities, trends in search, search with low conversions, and overall search usage on your website with Luigi’s Box Analytics. Our analytics offers a simple side menu and dashboard with quick visual feedback on your search and recommender state. Instead of viewing dozens of lengthy reports, you can see in the app which products and services customers most often search for and, vice versa, what they struggle to find.

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Benefits of using Luigi's Box features

Luigi’s Box successfully integrated search with a smart autocomplete feature on the website of one of the most innovative banks in Slovakia. This integration helped website visitors find information about products and services more quickly and efficiently.

Furthermore, search with autocomplete was also integrated into the Help and Support section, so visitors can easily find answers to their questions, trimming down the time customer care spends on the phone.


See what our customers said about us

"Very good search engine and recommender."

Good search engine and recommender, can be tuned up by individual settings in the back office. It is very helpful, especially when you have very large product offer.

Petr M.
G2 verified user
Full Review on G2

"Great product for customers. Very helpful for growing revenue."

Management system with many functions, dashboards and monthly summary in e-mail, great support (fast, good recommendations, communication, etc.), stable.

Jozef F.
G2 verified user
Full Review on G2

Shopping cart value increased dramatically

Recommender is a useful and inspirational resource for our customers to discover Powerlogy's products. How do we know that? Our average shopping cart value has been rising dramatically.

Michal Dodok
Head of Marketing, Powerlogy

Building in-house search is like building another Google

It doesn’t make sense to develop our own search. Luigi’s Box's value is understanding and adapting to our needs. This level of understanding and responsiveness is absent in competitors offering similar solutions.

Martin Derňar
Chief Digital & eCommerce, Nay

Taking extra effort to improve business results

Luigi’s Box massively streamlines shopping for our customers. Moreover, they developed several features for us that help manage products in our e-shop.

Piotr Maciążka
Implementation Team Manager, Answear

Luigi’s Box improves customer experience

The most significant contribution of Luigi’s Box to EXIsport is improving customer experience. The quicker customers find what they search for, the higher the chance they will complete the purchase.

Juraj Giacko
Head of E-Commerce, EXIsport

Improved conversion rates and customer satisfaction

Luigi’s Box is a very progressive tool that complements our existing analytical data. Its usage led to higher conversion rates and helped us maintain high customer satisfaction standards.

Jana Karasová
Online Sales and Service Development Specialist, O2

Luigi’s Box was a real eye-opener for us

Luigi’s Box was an eye-opener for us. E-shops often forget about customer experience and invest too much in advertising. Luigi's Box showed us what we can gain when we care about search.

Soňa Fialková
CEO, SpokojenýPes

More than €100,000/year thanks to Luigi’s Box

Given our size, Luigi's Box brings us over €100,000 a year without much hard work for a price that was immediately returned multiple times.

Jakub Žilinčan
Chief Marketing Officer, Electronic-star

Frequently asked questions

What is the importance of having a search function on financial services websites, and how can it benefit users?

Having a quality search function is important for several reasons, and it can benefit both users and website providers.

Firstly, quick access to the desired information – users can quickly find what they need without time-consuming navigation through multiple pages.

Then, personalization – advanced search functionality provides personalized results based on search history and preferences. This helps users make informed decisions, improves their experience, increases engagement, and reduces frustration.

How do recommendation algorithms work on financial services websites?

Recommendation algorithms use a variety of techniques for suggesting relevant products and services, such as:

  • Collaborative filtering – a technique that analyzes a user’s behavior and compares it to other users with similar behavior to identify patterns and, based on it, suggests products or services.
  • Content-based filtering – a technique that analyzes the attributes and characteristics of products or services and suggests similar ones based on a user’s past behavior or preferences.
  • Hybrid filtering – a technique that combines both previous techniques to provide more accurate and diverse recommendations to users.
  • Machine learning – ML algorithms analyze vast amounts of data and identify patterns that can be used to provide personalized recommendations to users.

Does Luigi's Box offer a free trial to try their products and features?

Yes, Luigi’s Box provides a 30-day free trial for self-service clients. Try our Search and Analytics and all their advanced features.

After the trial ends, we won’t automatically charge you for the service. Instead, you can continue to use analytics in limited mode with all features from the free trial, and one of our experts will contact you with customized cooperation.