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What are Luigi's Box's advantages for Telecommunications? Several thousand people browse sites daily for information about services and products in telecommunications. Therefore, a quality search function that helps them quickly find all they need and ensure relevant search results is essential.

Luigi's Box Search

Increase customer satisfaction, conversion rates, and improve retention rates with Luigi’s Box Search. Simplify customers’ journey to the services and products with features that make searching faster, efficient and more accessible. In addition, personalize your site to their needs and preferences based on their previous interactions For example, provide them with targeted promotions or offers tailor-made to each one.

Relieve your support with a search bar with autocomplete and help visitors find answers to their questions more easily. Integrate autocomplete into the user account page and simplify searching for invoices, data consumption, or other services.

In addition, ensure they always get relevant results with advanced search features created to enhance the search experience on your website.

With features like typo correction and typo tolerance, the search will understand and show the right match despite a customer typing “ihpone” instead of “iPhone.”. With its capability to recognize synonyms, it doesn’t matter if the customer types phone, smartphone, notebook, or laptop. They will always get what they expect. Or, if you don’t have the product or service the customer wants, thanks to no result prevention, search will show alternative products to their original query.

Discover other Luigi's Box features

How else can you use Luigi's Box?

Advanced search is only part of what Luigi's Box has in its pocket. On the contrary, it is a complete set of tools that will take your website to another level.

Luigi's Box Recommender

Recommend appropriate services and products to customers. Luigi’s Box Recommender uses collected data from the products customers previously bought and services they used or clicked on. Based on this data, it can then personalize the offer to each customer and recommend only relevant products and services.

For example, it displays the last seen products, recommends accessories to just-bought devices, suggests products and services with a higher margin, or gives prominence to the entirely new ones.

Luigi's Box Product Listing

Product ranking is crucial for a better shopping experience and higher sales. Luigi’s Box Product Listing ranks products based on several attributes, such as popularity, price, and relevance, while keeping an eye on your business goals.

Personalization is also incorporated in product ranking to display the most relevant products to each customer first. Make browsing easier with dynamic filters and increase the chance of sales by promoting selected products with banners directly in the listings.

Luigi's Box Analytics

Reveal searches without results or clicks, or on the contrary, most frequently search terms, with Luigi’s Box Analytics. Our intuitive dashboard gives you super quick visual feedback on the performance of your website. So, without drowning in tons of reports, you can easily see the most entered queries, products, and services they struggle to find or whether the ranking of products is correct. Use this data to fix issues that deprive you of earnings and improve all current and future services and products.

Case Studies

Benefits of using Luigi's Box features

O2 Conversion Rates of Trending Products Increased by 320%

Luigi’s Box helped O2 customers find what they are searching for, improved the overall user experience, and augmented conversion rates significantly.

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Nay Charged Up With a 600% Conversion Rate Increase

Nay is Slovakia's leading electronics store and one of our first major clients. In the Czech Republic, they operate under the brand Electro World.

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Datart: What is the magic behind the 19% increase in conversion? A/B test

After evaluating the tests, we found that, Luigi's Box Search was demonstrably better on both language versions of the e-shop.

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Frequently asked questions

What factors should you consider when selecting a search engine for your telco website?

Choosing a flexible and reliable search engine that can meet the unique needs of your telco website and its users is essential. The search engine should provide only accurate and relevant results, be fast, responsive, secure, and always protect clients’ data. In addition, it should allow you to customize its appearance to match your website, and it should be able to handle and scale large volumes of data.

To help you continuously optimize your website, we recommend you choose a search engine that provides analytics with valuable insights on customer behavior and other essential data. To save time and money, reach for easy-to-integrate solutions.

How can you improve your telco website search speed and efficiency?

Use the magic of Luigi’s Box Search. Choose Luigi’s Box and delight visitors with a smooth search and discovery journey. Our search is designed for speed and reliability and always brings visitors the most accurate results.

In addition, it offers several features that visitors help get to products easily and quickly, such as autocomplete, which suggests search terms as visitors type, helping reduce the number of characters users have to enter and speed up the search process. Further, filters that narrow down search results and help visitors find what they are looking for quickly, proper product ranking, and many other features.

How can you use Luigi's Box search analytics to improve your telco website search functionality?

Luigi’s Box Analytics provides powerful insights via a clear dashboard to help you better understand what visitors are looking for on your website. For example, find out where visitors often leave your website, why they leave without conversions, or, otherwise, what are your trending products and services. Then, fix what needs to be fixed and use the data for future improvement.