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E-Commerce Product Search

Let Your Customers Find Desired Products in Seconds

With Luigi’s Box Search, you can help your customers easily find the products they need while also personalizing your website to meet their intent better.

Our AI-powered product search utilizes advanced algorithms to understand customers' natural language searches, giving them an intuitive and seamless way to find products more quicker.

What is a product search

Product search is the process of using algorithms and filters to query a database of products in an e-commerce store that aims to return results matching the user’s shopping intent.

Why product search matters in e-commerce

Product search is a popular tool for any online store or website. It helps customers find what they’re looking for quickly and easily and can lead to better conversions and higher sales.

Product search technology can help improve customer experience, making a website more intuitive and easier to navigate. Integrating product search into your e-commerce platform has a few significant benefits.


Product search can help convert more customers by providing personalized, relevant results for each query, allowing customers to find products more accurately and quickly. Ultimately, your e-commerce site conversions can increase by nearly 35%.

User experience

A product search process provides customers with a more intuitive and seamless way to find the right products quicker, resulting in a better overall experience. Customers with a positive experience with your e-commerce website will likely return.

Customer data

AI-powered product search can also provide insights into customer behavior, allowing businesses to understand better what they’re searching for and how they interact with a website. This can help businesses improve their products and services.

Cost savings

Implementing an effective product search feature on a website eliminates the need for manual labor that may be required when hand-editing product inventory on a regular basis, thus saving time and money in the process.

What features should product search have

Luigi’s Box Search offers an intuitive and powerful product search that is tailored to your business needs. Our algorithms understand natural language queries, allowing customers to type in their questions, requests, or product descriptions instead of exact phrases.

With advanced features, our AI-powered product search provides customers with the most accurate results quickly, ending in more items in their shopping cart and more revenue for your e-commerce shop.

Synonyms Recognition

Synonyms Recognition

Our algorithms recognize all possible synonyms for a given query or term, allowing for a more natural e-commerce search experience. Synonym management capabilities eliminate the need to complicate product search with too many variations of a given term.

Typo Correction

Typo Correction

Our technology is designed to recognize and correct typos, ensuring customers always get the most accurate results. From common misspellings to swapped letters, letter additions, or deletions, our algorithms quickly detect and correct all types of typos.



Our algorithms allow us to predict customers' intentions based on their activity while browsing your website. The more interactions with the website, the better personalization of content and the relevance of search results become.

Diacritics Recognition

Diacritics Recognition

When broadening your business to foreign markets, localization is a must. Our AI-powered product search tool recognizes and handles diacritics, and with competencies in more than 27 languages, customers can get accurate results even when typing in their native language. 

Dynamic Filters

Dynamic Filters

Our unique filtering system simplifies the customer experience by showcasing advanced filter options pertinent to their query. Filter options comprehend which kind of category of product each filter applies, so there's no confusion with irrelevant filters.

Voice Search

Voice Search

Our AI-powered product search process also supports voice queries. Customers can speak their requests, and our algorithms will immediately recognize and return the most accurate results, an ideal feature for customers in a hurry or experiencing difficulty typing on their mobile devices.

E-commerce product search best practices

Optimize your search visibility

It’s critical to make your e-commerce search bar immediately accessible, so avoid hiding it behind an icon. Doing this means losing up to 40% of traffic that could go directly to the search feature and instead opt-in for a poorer user experience via navigation menus. Instead, minimize any errors in the customer’s online journey and help them find what they came looking for on your website as soon as possible!

Understand slangs & synonyms

Slangs and synonyms should be taken into consideration when optimizing your product search. People often use abbreviations, acronyms, or different terms to refer to the same product, so it’s important to keep this in mind when building out a database of related queries. By recognizing different words your customers may use, you can increase their chances of finding what they’re looking for. This feature can help customers’ searches become more precise and relevant.

Take advantage of suggestions

Suggestions can help customers find something they didn’t even know they were looking for! Show relevant products, similar basic product ideas, popular products, or services, or a selection of results relevant to their query that can provide further options than the initial exact search term they used. A quality search field should suggest best-selling products, top-selling designs, thumbnail photos, and the category of products or brands you offer already in its autocomplete.

Consider typos

Put yourself in the shoes of a customer and test your store. See what happens when typos are made. If no results appear, it means that 30% of those people will likely abandon their shopping cart and your website altogether! Common misspellings and added or subtracted letters can potentially result in a “no results” search. Don’t let this be the case – take action now by ensuring your online store is optimized for various types of search queries so you can draw in as many customers as possible.

Utilize autocomplete

Autocomplete feature is essential for improving customer experience. A predictive search makes it easier for customers to find relevant results, reducing the time spent on a query and increasing the chances of conversion. Use it as an opportunity to suggest content related to what customers have already started typing, display bestsellers, or make personal recommendations. Autocomplete also encourages customers to explore the website and helps them refine their e-commerce search queries, allowing you to suggest best-selling or popular products.

Query understanding

When you search for a specific variation of eye shadow, like an autumn eye shadow palette, does your search bar return every beauty product, 1-3 products, 5-20 products, just best-selling products, or every popular product you have for sale that matches the search keyword? Queries should be understood in order to provide relevant results – this means understanding the context of a query and using it to refine search results. Luigi’s Box utilizes cutting-edge AI and machine learning to scan customer searches on your website for typos, synonyms, product ranking, and more.

Consider a convenient pagination

To give your customers the best experience possible while searching, ‘Load More’ pagination is the way to go! It’s faster and more efficient than standard pagination. The perfect shopping search engine for any website should be one that users don’t even have to use – it should intuitively guide them through their desired content easily. With Luigi’s Box, you can rest assured that the customer will be able to find what they’re looking for quickly and easily.

Product ranking and relevance

When a customer types in their desired product category, do the most popular items or viable products appear on the first page of results? Memorizing or checking store sales records to identify these best-selling products can be immensely beneficial when someone searches for an item within that particular realm. Make sure your search bar always features these sought-after commodities so that customers can easily find what they’re looking for quickly!

Dynamic filters

Product search tools like Luigi’s Box allow customers to filter and refine their product searches by attributes considering the context. That means the customers only see the filters that are relevant to their search intent. This makes it easy for them to narrow down their options and find the perfect product for their needs quickly.

Speed is the key

When achieving the best possible results, real-time functionality should be prioritized. Our rule of thumb declares that search suggestions are delivered in 0.3 seconds after inputting a character, and full completion is displayed within 2 seconds. To know if your search is the highest quality and working properly, try out Luigi’s Box Analytics! Site performance and customer satisfaction will significantly improve with the right e-commerce search engines in place.

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Types of product search engines

When it comes to valuable e-commerce search engines, there are two main types: free/open-source solutions and ready-made solutions.

Free/open-source solutions

Free and open-source tools can be great options if you're looking for a low-budget solution. However, you'll need to have extensive know-how and development capacities. It will take years to get to the level of the tools available on the market.

Ready-made solutions

On the other hand, ready-made solutions are more reliable and easier to set up. These solutions come with added support from the provider, making it much easier to address any issues that may arise. Ready-made solutions such as Luigi’s Box are the perfect way to get started with AI-powered product search for your business.

How to implement a ready-made solution

Implementing third-party product search tools can seem intimidating, but with Luigi's Box, it doesn't have to be! Our simple 4-step process makes it easy to get up and running in no time.

We generate a script

The first step is a brief script generated by Luigi's Box. This script will allow the product search engine to access data from your product catalog and display it on your site.

Insert the script on your website

This script can be inserted into your website's header or simply by using GTM. Inserting the script only takes a few minutes and can be done without any IT skills.

Send us product feeds

Luigi's Box needs product data like names, categories, brands, and (if desired) articles to work. You can synchronize this information using either XML feeds or an API.

Let us launch it

Once the data is in place, our integration team will launch your e-commerce shopping search engine and configure it to best suit your website.

We integrate with any platform

Luigi’s Box can be used with any e-commerce platform, including Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and more. We offer integration solutions for any size of business, and our team is committed to providing the best possible service.

Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms, and Luigi’s Box is one of the most trusted Shopify product search solutions. Our integration will enable you to provide a powerful and user-friendly shopping experience for your customers, helping to increase sales and conversions.

Shopify offers regular monthly plans or business plans at a low monthly price, and with product research methods and features from Luigi’s Box, you can easily optimize your shop and track and analyze your ROI.

Shopify Plus is a great platform for getting started with AI-powered product search. All you need to do is add the Luigi’s Box integration from the Shopify app store to your e-shop, and our experts will take care of the rest. The Shopify Plus integration process is easy and fast. We will help you configure and deploy the Luigi’s Box product search engine in your shop; it only takes a few clicks in to get started.

Learn how we can boost your business with AI-powered product search. Book a free demo call with our team to see how Luigi’s Box can help your business stand out from the competition!

Dive into your customers' behavior with Luigi's Box Analytics

Luigi’s Box Analytics is an advanced analytics and reporting tool that provides insight into customer behavior. With Analytics, you can monitor user searches to identify common problems and optimize your product shopping search engine. Analytics also allows you to track certain parameters about your searches, including:

  • Converted/Not Converted Searches
  • Used/Not Used Searches
  • No Results Searches
  • Clicked on/Not Clicked on Searches

Understanding customer behavior is essential for providing a great experience, and you’ll often find customer reviews will reflect their experience. Understanding these metrics will allow you to see if your search leads to conversions, how many “no results” your customers get, and how many searches lead to irrelevant content.

With Luigi’s Box Analytics, you can make informed decisions about improving your product search engine and optimizing it for the best results. An intuitive dashboard makes it easy to keep track of key performance indicators and make data-driven decisions.

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Frequently asked questions

What are product search engines in e-commerce?

Product search engines are used to make finding thousands of products on an e-commerce website easier. They are powered by algorithms that match queries and keywords with viable product lists, so customers can find what they’re looking for quickly and easily.

Product research options can be used to improve customer experience, the buying process, increase conversions and boost your e-commerce sales. Shopping cart abandonment rates can also be reduced when customers are able to find the product they’re looking for.

Why is product search so important for e-commerce stores?

A product search tool is important for e-commerce sites because it helps customers find the hand-picked products they’re looking for quickly, which increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Product research tools, like Google Shopping, Bing Shopping, and Yahoo Shopping, also help increase conversions by providing relevant product results and recommendations to customers. Price ranges, current prices, and discounts can also be highlighted in search results, making customers more likely to make a purchase.

What is the best search engine for an e-commerce business?

One of the best shopping search engines for an e-commerce business is Luigi’s Box. It integrates with Shopify and provides a powerful, user-friendly product search interface that helps customers find best-selling products quickly and easily.

Luigi’s Box also offers advanced analytics to help you understand customer behavior and optimize your product search engine for the best results. It is also highly rated by G2 users.

What are the top features that a product search should have?

Product search engines should utilize AI-powered algorithms to provide accurate and relevant results. Additionally, it should feature a user-friendly interface that provides customers with an intuitive experience.

Advanced analytics is also important for understanding customer behavior and optimizing product search to meet the needs of customers. Finally, integration with various e-commerce platforms is essential for making product search easy to deploy and maintain.