Advanced Search Software

Advanced Search Software for E-Commerce Shops

Implement AI-powered search into your e-shop and eliminate the friction hindering your sales. Help customers find desired products quickly, personalize their shopping experiences, and streamline conversions and revenue with better search options.

Optimal search strategies boosting conversion rates by more than 35% are a breeze with Luigi’s Box Advanced Search function.


What is advanced search software?

Just like regular search software, advanced search software is an intuitive tool for enhancing shopping experiences, except it provides a lot more than just a simple search field.

It provides relevant results for every search term, handles complex queries and removes typos, and helps customers refine results with faceted search filters. This is possible thanks to a wide set of features that improves the search experience. As a result, these advanced search options help e-shops improve user experiences, reduce exit rates, and keep customers coming back for more.


Why websites need advanced search software?

It’s not uncommon that many search queries may direct users to a “no results” page. The most common reasons for this are typos and grammatical errors during quick searches, usage of incorrect terms or slang, and typing synonyms in search bars that e-shops may not have in product descriptions.

You might miss out on potential sales if your e-shop only shows results for exact searches. Your customers think their desired products do not exist in your shop, making them turn to your competitors.


What problems advanced search software solves?

The exit rate for no-results searches is 30%. With Luigi’s Box, it is only 1–5%. Another problem with poor searches arises when users look for content types other than products. They may need blog articles, instructions, tutorials, or return policies.

The search bar must make browsing convenient, displaying relevant categories and file types with autocomplete. The good news is an advanced search tool will be able to remove all of these issues without major effort from your side.

Advanced search software benefits

Why advanced search software matters in e-commerce

Advanced search software brings many benefits, such as higher customer engagement which can lead to better conversions and other improvements on websites.

Relevant search results

Customers can find desired products quickly, even when making complex search queries and using multiple search criteria. They can get accurate results, refine them with faceted filters in the search menu, and enjoy faster searches and higher convenience with autocomplete.

Personalized shopping experiences

AI-powered search software can identify search parameters and track user behavior to personalize experiences. Users get relevant product recommendations that improve with every interaction, helping them discover new items. That compels them to keep returning.

Higher customer satisfaction

Fast keyword search, relevant results, and personalization significantly improve customer satisfaction and happiness. After all, no one likes jumping through hoops and complicated drop-down menus while looking for products. Intelligent search features make the experience seamless.

More conversions and sales

Efficient and relevant search results minimize bounce rates and maximize conversions. They take the stress and confusion out of the equation, increasing sales and repeat purchases. That means a much higher revenue and growth potential for your online business.

G2 Reports

Gain momentum with us!

The Momentum scores for E‑Commerce Search display each product’s Momentum score on the vertical axis and Satisfaction score on the horizontal axis, based on G2’s algorithms. Products within the shaded area have a top 25% Momentum Grid® score.

Relationship Index

G2’s E-Commerce Search Relationship Index

Discover the factors influencing product relationships. See the chart below for insights on ease of business, support quality, and recommendations from our customers.

  • Ease of Business
  • Likely to Recommend
  • Quality of Support
  • Other Factors
Luigi’s Box
  • Ease of Business: 3.29
  • Likely to Recommend: 1.43
  • Quality of Support: 3.34
  • Other Factors: 1.71
Ease of Business: 3.29
Likely to Recommend: 1.43
Quality of Support: 3.34
Other Factors: 1.71
  • Ease of Business: 3.43
  • Likely to Recommend: 1.43
  • Quality of Support: 3.4
  • Other Factors: 1.25
Ease of Business: 3.43
Likely to Recommend: 1.43
Quality of Support: 3.4
Other Factors: 1.25
  • Ease of Business: 3.29
  • Likely to Recommend: 1.36
  • Quality of Support: 3.27
  • Other Factors: 1.45
Ease of Business: 3.29
Likely to Recommend: 1.36
Quality of Support: 3.27
Other Factors: 1.45
  • Ease of Business: 3.22
  • Likely to Recommend: 1.29
  • Quality of Support: 3.1
  • Other Factors: 1.67
Ease of Business: 3.22
Likely to Recommend: 1.29
Quality of Support: 3.1
Other Factors: 1.67
  • Ease of Business: 3.39
  • Likely to Recommend: 1.41
  • Quality of Support: 3.47
  • Other Factors: 0.75
Ease of Business: 3.39
Likely to Recommend: 1.41
Quality of Support: 3.47
Other Factors: 0.75

What are advanced search software features?

Take a look at advanced search software features and find out what each of them does to create a better browsing experience.

Intelligent search

Intelligent search

Provide accurate and relevant results by automatically fixing the sequence of characters and correcting typos, grammatical errors, incorrect words, special characters, slang terms, and other mistakes. Use advanced search features to set synonyms for popular queries and prevent no-result searches.



Provide autocomplete suggestions in the search bar, displaying relevant products, categories, and results without even having to touch the search button. Increase product awareness on your website and help customers find what they need without a hitch or looking elsewhere besides the search window.

Dynamic search filters

Dynamic search filters

Take enhanced search to the next level to prevent irrelevant filtering criteria from showing up and confusing or frustrating your online visitors. Use built-in dynamic search filters to display only the relevant results for repeat customers according to desired product categories in browsers or mobile apps.

Search personalization

Search personalization

Use data from previous customer interactions to personalize shopping experiences. Leverage the artificial intelligence of your advanced search tool to provide product recommendations tailored to customers’ needs, increasing satisfaction, conversion rates, average order values, and repeat purchases.

Voice search

Voice search

Enable voice search mode for the utmost convenience and superb shopping experiences, primarily on mobile devices. Help customers find products without typing words and phrases into the search box, increasing speed, flexibility, and satisfaction via voice keyword search.



Set custom rules to promote products directly in search and supercharge sales and revenue. Display product banners as customers type to capture their attention and guide them to your best-selling products, recently viewed items, or seasonal deals directly in the search tab.

Match quality ranking

Match quality ranking

Identify poor-performing keywords and adjust them to better suit customers’ needs and preferences. Provide better, more relevant search matches depending on their accuracy and continuously improve search results for higher satisfaction and conversions to increase your earnings.

Ready-made solution

Can I make an advanced search engine on my own?

You can use Elasticsearch, but it will take years to reach the point where advanced search software solutions are. You would need significant time, money, and development skills to build a search engine with backend technology.

Luigi’s Box is a ready-made solution you can integrate immediately without coding knowledge.

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Easy integration

How to implement advanced search software

Implementing Luigi's Box is an easy process that can be finished in just four simple steps. Take a look at what they are.

Create an account

Sign up for a free account to access our software. It takes only a few minutes.

Insert the script

Copy the script our team will generate into your website’s header or use a Google Tag Manager.

Synchronize your data

Use an API for real-time synchronization or send us product feeds from your servers.

Start improving

Let our integration team launch your search while you focus on what matters.

Various connection options

We integrate with any e-commerce platform

Luigi’s box seamlessly integrates with any e-commerce platform, including Shopify, Prestashop, Shoptet, Shopware, WordPress, BigCommerce, commercetools, and WooCommerce.

Regardless of your platform, we can set up data connectors for seamless synchronization without development requirements or costs on your part.


See the results our clients get

See how our set of products helped businesses improve their conversions and earnings


autocomplete conversions

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+100,000 €

on top of standard yearly revenue

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Comprehensive analytics tool

It starts with analytics

You can’t improve if you don’t know what’s working and what might need an adjustment. Luigi’s Box Analytics provides an advanced search panel with comprehensive performance metrics for optimizing your search.

Our intuitive dashboard shows trending, no-result, no-click, and low-conversion searches, helping you optimize terms for better results. It displays conversions, exit rates, lost opportunities due to search imperfections, and individual reports and analytics for quick and complex queries.

Identify and eliminate problems to help customers find what they need and boost conversions.

Free trial

Try Luigi’s Box for free

Luigi’s Box offers a 30-day free trial for self-service clients. During the free trial period, clients can try our advanced Search and Analytics tools and all their features.


Let's see what our customers said about us

"Very good search engine and recommender."

Good search engine and recommender, can be tuned up by individual settings in the back office. It is very helpful, especially when you have very large product offer.

Petr M.
G2 verified user
Full Review on G2

"Great product for customers. Very helpful for growing revenue."

Management system with many functions, dashboards and monthly summary in e-mail, great support (fast, good recommendations, communication, etc.), stable.

Jozef F.
G2 verified user
Full Review on G2
More options

Why stop there?

We have other products that help e-commerce stores boost conversions.


Recommender relies on AI to display relevant, personalized product recommendations (even visually similar items) considering previous interactions. It helps increase average order values and return purchases.

Product Listing

Our Product Listing organizes pages for a seamless browsing experience. It improves categories, promotes products, increases shopping cart values, encourages purchases, and boosts conversions and revenue.

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Frequently asked questions

What is advanced search software, and how does it help my website?

Advanced search software improves product search to help users find desired items quickly. It enables e-commerce websites to provide customers with fast, accurate, relevant results and personalized recommendations and boost conversions, sales, and revenue.

How to make my site search advanced?

Software with intelligent search filters, like Luigi’s Box, can help you enhance search on your website and provide fantastic user experiences. Integrate it seamlessly with any e-commerce platform and enjoy better results before you know it.

What are some advanced search providers?

Some prominent providers include Algolia, Yext, Doofinder, Searchblox, or Coveo. However, Luigi’s Box can be one of the best options for e-shops.

How much is advanced search software?

Pricing depends on your unique needs, including the filters, personalization, analytics, custom settings, and other software functionalities you might require. Contact us to request a quote and get tailored pricing for your website.