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No Result Prevention

Prevent users from hitting "0 results" page and bring relevant results related to the original search.

What is No result prevention?

This feature ensures the getting lesser or no chances or a search turning up with zero product results. Getting zero product results can prove to be disappointing for customers searching for a specific product, but that doesn’t mean they necessarily have to leave empty handed.

No result prevention makes sure that a customer will always get results that are related to their original search.

How can you use No result prevention?

A search that turns up with no results is never a good sign for your sales. With our No result prevention feature, you can make sure that your customers will always find relevant products even if they won’t find what they were originally searching for. Alternative products will show up based on keywords and similarities with the product they searched for at the start of their journey.

How can you benefit from No result prevention?

  • Shows relevant results and products
  • Get rid of empty searches
  • Ensures customers will always see alternative products
  • Increases your chances of making a sale