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Yext Competitors

Luigi's Blog | June 27, 2022
Yext Competitors

Yext is a site search tool that helps online business owners improve customer experience on their sites and leads to better conversions. If you’re looking for a site search that fits your business’ needs, this article will cover all you need to know about Yext and several alternatives that are equally good, if not better.

So, let’s get started!

What is Yext?

Yext enables e-commerce website visitors to look for what they need accurately and quickly. The algorithm collects data to provide more relevant results for search queries to streamline the customer journey and contribute to revenue growth. 

Yext is used by hundreds of popular brands worldwide, including Subway, Verizon, Samsung, and Lego. Renowned review portal G2 has awarded its site search as well as other tools several times.

What is Yext used for?

Yext helps e-commerce websites create a better experience for their potential customers by leveraging data to personalize individual shopping experiences in real-time. It comes with analytics that offers many data insights, helping businesses understand their customers. 

What is the price for implementing Yext?

Yext offers different pricing plans based on the nature of the package, entity amount, size of the business, type of business, etc. You can contact their team or opt for a demo for a customized solution to meet your business objectives. 

Why do companies need advanced search?

Advanced search enables those who do their business online to collect detailed and correct data about online shoppers’ buying behavior. This data is precious as it helps research a company’s product, predict shopping trends, understand customer behavior, forecasting sales, etc.

Adding an intuitive e-commerce search tool to your e-commerce website can help accelerate the growth of your business online. It is a versatile and scalable technology that is an excellent fit for your marketing strategies. This technology is suitable for most business types and can be integrated with other intelligence tools.

When do you need to implement site search?

E-commerce stores implement site search solutions when they have just too many products in their store to be easily discoverable based on each customer’s needs. The products that your prospective customers aim to buy must be easy to find. If they cannot find the product they want, they will certainly leave your website and go shopping to your competitor. Every session like this is a lost opportunity as you’re missing out on potential revenue. 

What are the benefits of implementing an onsite search solution?

There are numerous benefits of integrating a site search solution on your e-commerce website, both short-term and long-term:

  • Search streamlines the user journey from the first point of contact to the conversion and beyond.
  • Helps find your prospective customers the products they are looking for. People who use search are much more likely to buy from you.
  • Improves customer satisfaction by creating personalized shopping experiences based on data.
  • Seamless shopping experiences result in more conversions, significantly increasing business revenue.
  • Data insights help you scale your business fast.

What are the key search features to look for?

Here are some of the features you should definitely look for when choosing a site search tool for your business:

Advanced product ranking

Search ranking is imperative when it comes to raising revenue from search. Our very own research only reiterates the importance of ranking the search results accurately. Did you know that 90% of customers only look at the first page of search results? If your top products are not placed in the top positions in the search result, their sales will suffer.

Front-end integration

Front-end integration refers to the capability of a site search tool to be incorporated into apps for mobile devices, websites, or other programs so that it can be used from the user-facing side. For most tools, front-end integration is super-easy. However, it can be complex or technical with some tools. So, ensure that the site search solution is easy to integrate with your e-commerce shop, especially if you’re short on the developers’ capacity.

Custom-built solutions for integration are best suited for enterprise-level stores, as they offer more flexibility and control. However, small e-shops with limited programming skills might appreciate no-code front-end integration.


The site search solution collects data on customer behavior on the website. This helps the AI improve the user experience by predicting what they like and want to buy. The AI tailors the search results to enhance every user’s experience based on data. 

It also collects data relevant to your business success, i.e., sales, traffic, etc., to help understand the search performance and results in business growth.

The collected data can also help predict future purchasing patterns and shopping trends. Site search solutions contribute massively towards the success of any website, i.e., Amazon.

No results prevention

According to our data, 30% of users leave an e-store immediately if their search triggers no results. However, searches without results often stem from the differences between how people search for products and how these products are listed in your catalog. Look for solutions that can work with synonyms, spelling errors, grammatical forms, etc., to mitigate the effects of careless query entering by your customers.

These features prove incredibly handy in preventing such events, leading to a higher probability of conversions and more revenue generation. They will significantly reduce the number of searches with no results, and you won’t be losing customers due to bad search experiences anymore. 

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    Best Yext competitors

    Now we introduced Yext, discussed the search importance and the features that are vital for your potential customers to help them quickly discover what they want to buy from you, let’s talk about the accessible platforms that you might want to consider choosing over Yext.

    Luigi’s Box

    Let’s start with Luigi’s Box, an award-winning intuitive e-commerce search solution that offers many powerful tools for e-commerce businesses. Luigi’s Box makes it easy for online business owners to create top-notch digital experiences for their prospective customers.

    It is an entire search ecosystem that creates a seamless digital experience without human intervention. The company is based in Bratislava, Slovakia. G2 has repeatedly ranked Luigi’s Box as the #1 e-commerce site search solution.


    Advanced search results ranking

    Luigi’s Box’s AI-powered search results go far beyond full-text. The AI-based algorithm uses match quality and full-text scores resulting in more relevant search results. The factors AI considers for match quality include seasonality of a product, click rate, etc.

    Personalized search

    The site search solution uses data collected from previous visits by a user to create a personalized search experience that helps a customer find what they need faster. The technology considers user intent to streamline each shopping experience, reducing the necessity of human intervention.

    Front-end integration

    It is so easy to integrate Luigi’s Box that you don’t need a developer. You can do it yourself. All you need to do is add one script to the header of your webpage to get started.  

    Advanced language support

    The site search solutions offered by Luigi’s Box display an excellent understanding of CEE languages, superior to any other service on the market. This makes Luigi’s Box a perfect fit for a multi-lingual audience.  


    Create a customized plan for your business by selecting the features you need. You can get a quote right away by using the built-in plan calculator. Luigi’s Box is an affordable site search solution that offers excellent value for money.

    Customer service

    The average rating for the customer service of Luigi’s Box is very high on Capterra and G2. The company promises excellent service for all customers. The support is available to answer customer questions via online help form, phone, and email. 


    • Plug-and-play service
    • Customer service
    • All-in-one service
    • Flexible pricing plans 
    • Ease of integration 
    • Personalization capabilities
    • Understanding of CEE languages


    • Free trial doesn’t include all features


    Clerk.io is another apt personalization solution for e-commerce businesses. It enables your e-shop to track the behavior of your prospective customers or find emerging trends.

    Clerk.io’s API allows to integrate it with many third-party platforms, such as Salesforce, Hubspot, MailChimp, Magento, and more.


    • AI/Machine Learning
    • Customizable Branding
    • Behavioral Tracking and Targeting 
    • Content Analytics


    Pricing is based on usage, thus, how big your e-shop is. The basic package starts from €79.00 /mo.

    Customer service

    You can reach out to their customer support via email, chat, and phone. You can also access their online knowledge base, which covers various topics. 


    • Easy integration
    • Personalization features
    • Customer service


    • Retailers can’t bypass search results
    • JavaScript library should support more events
    Prefixbox logo


    Another tool that offer offers e-commerce tools that help optimize an e-store’s site search efficacy is Prefixbox. It has a powerful search engine powered by AI, which helps improve conversions.

    Their Semantic Search feature leverages NLP & AI to provide an unmatched query recognition technology. Prefixbox understands query context and language stems for a highly accurate search result ranking system. You can also personalize which products are displayed on the top with their intuitive portal.

    Prefixbox offers easy integration capability. Their search solution can be easily integrated by adding a few JavaScript lines or through the API.


    • Faceted Search / Filtering
    • Full-Text Search
    • Fuzzy Search
    • Text Analysis


    Prefixbox offers customized plans, so no pricing is listed online. They do offer a free trial version. 

    Customer service

    Customer support is mainly available through the customer support section on their website. Their support team is open to feedback and ideas.


    • Free trial version
    • Easy integration
    • Cloud, web-Based, and SaaS deployment
    • Mobile-optimized


    • Absence of pricing plans


    Another good alternative for Yext is Unbxd. They offer a product discovery solution that improves e-shop’s site search capabilities. It turbocharges your online shop’s site search, product recommendations, merchandising, analytics, and navigation ability. 

    Unbxd allows showcasing relevant and targeted products to your customers. The visitor interactions are tracked in real-time. Its cloud-based capability enables your website to offer semantic search, customized navigation, and 1:1 recommendations. 

    Unbxd has helped 1200+ medium to large-scale e-commerce businesses improve their conversions and sales volumes.


    • Full-Text Search
    • AB Testing
    • Real-Time Data & Analytics
    • Customization


    Unbxd offers custom plans based on the available features. You can opt for a demo to check out their service and get a quote. 

    Customer service

    Customer service can be contacted via email/help desk. Customer service reviews on Capterra and G2 are not optimal. 


    • Improved user experience
    • Personalization


    • Customer service
    • Ease of use


    SearchNode is a fast-growing company from Lithuania. Their site search tool is best suited for medium-scale to enterprise-level online businesses looking to maximize revenue through optimized on-site search. 

    SearchNodes prides itself on addressing every client search individually rather than offering a standardized dashboard. The company does not believe in hardcoding. Their developers program their digital ecosystem to meet the individual needs of their clients’ businesses.

    They also meet language requirements, offer data-based improvements, optimize long-tail searches, and offer customized-ranking algorithms. This results in scalable enhancements in the search solution, and the user experiences keep improving. 


    • Relevance matching
    • Advanced analytics
    • AI-based search assistant
    • Smart merchandising


    Pricing is not listed on their website, as they offer customized feature-based plans with custom prices. 

    Customer service

    The customer support team is accessible via phone and email. 


    • Easy integration
    • Powerful AI


    • No standard pricing
    • Customer support
    Coveo logo


    Coveo offers an accessible platform that uses search intent to provide relevant results. This results in providing a personalized shopping experience for customers with a higher chance of conversions. 

    Coveo also uses user interactions, profiles, interests, and issues to provide online business owners with case-deflecting recommendations. It also offers data relevant to the digital customer journey, records potential customer interactions, measures the entire search ecosystem’s impact on the average order value, discovers market trends, and more. 

    Its API allows easy integration with popular platforms, including Salesforce, Sitecore, Adobe Experience Manager, ServiceNow, Zendesk, etc. Its capabilities include product recommendations based on purchasing behavior and search history.  


    • Full-Text Search
    • AI/Machine Learning
    • Augmented Analytics
    • Faceted Search or Filtering


    • Basic plan: $600/month
    • Pro plan: $1100/month

    Coveo uses a subscription-based model for pricing. They also offer a free trial. 

    Customer service

    You may contact their support team via their 24/7 live chat, phone, or email. Their support service is rated highly by customers. 


    • Free trial
    • Easy integration
    • Personalization


    • Expensive platform
    • Version upgrade takes time


    Algolia is a search API designed for businesses that want to offer quick and accurate digital experiences to their prospective customers. Their search algorithm is powered by AI, allowing users to find desired items faster. 

    Algolia’s API-first approach enables building fully-customized experiences for all types of devices over the backend or the frontend. 

    Algolia is a secure and reliable platform. It offers an entire search ecosystem, bringing delightful digital experiences over the different stages of the digital customer journey. 


    • E-discovery
    • Full-text search
    • Faceted search/filtering
    • E-commerce management


    • Standard Algolia Search Plan: $1/1000 requests
    • Algolia Search Premium Plan: $1.50/1000 requests
    • Algolia Recommend Plan: $0.60/1000 requests

    Request refresh every month. You can get add-ons for an extra charge.

    Customer service

    A customer support form is available on their website to contact their support team. 


    • Trusted search service
    • Easy integration


    • Hard to estimate monthly cost due to the pricing model 
    • Customization 
    • User interface needs improvement 
    Searchspring logo


    Searchspring is an intelligent site search tool designed to assist e-commerce teams with their job. Their best assets are a user-friendly search solution, analytics, personalization, and merchandising tools. 

    The Searchspring platform provides administrators with valuable insights regarding users’ search behavior and website performance. You can also analyze product ranks and optimize them as per your requirements. 

    You are in complete control of product recommendations. You can also improve your marketing campaigns by recommending discounted or complimentary products. Merchandisers can also bulk upload products and highlight trending products from the catalog. 


    • Smart Site Search
    • Visual Merchandising
    • Product Discovery
    • Analytics & Reporting


    Searchspring has a pricing model based on the number of users. They don’t offer free trials or free versions of the service. Their pricing starts at $6000/year. 

    Customer service

    Customer service is available through the help desk, phone, live chat, and knowledgebase. Their support ratings on sites like G2 and Capterra are very high. 


    • Great customer service
    • Easy integration
    • Powerful search algorithm


    • An expensive alternate to other services
    • Less flexible pricing plans


    Swiftype promises a robust site search capability for your e-commerce website. It is straightforward to use and doesn’t involve a learning curve. They offer a comprehensive set of tools and APIs to streamline the product discovery process, so the users get accurate answers each time. 

    Businesses that trust Swiftype include CBS, Shopify, Marketo, AOL, Samsung, AT&T, and BMW. 


    • AI/Machine Learning
    • Active Directory Integration
    • API
    • Analytics


    They offer a free trial and a free version of the tool. They have adopted a subscription-based model. However, pricing is unavailable as customized quotes are provided based on your needs. 

    Customer service

    Customer support is available through the help desk,  24/7 live chat, and phone. A useful FAQs section and knowledge base are also available.  


    • Easy integration
    • User-friendly


    • Pricing unspecified
    • Refined search is slow


    We hope this article helped you get a comprehensive overview of top Yext’s competitors, whether you’re their customer considering a switch to another platform or looking for the best fit for your online business.

    Modern e-shops all around the world enjoy the benefits offered by site search solutions, and you shouldn’t be an exception. There are many accessible platforms that provide the entire search ecosystem. A good fit depends on the needs of your business, but we hope this article delivered useful information on Yext and its alternatives, so you can craft robust marketing strategies to serve your prospective customers with a quality search solution. 

    Frequently asked questions

    How does a site search work?

    A site search solution allows e-commerce websites the capability to return search results on their website against user queries relevant to entries in their database. 

    Does Yext cost money?

    Yes, it will cost money. You can request a demo on their site or contact the support team for a custom plan. 

    What are some alternatives to Yext?

    Luigi’s Box, Algolia, and Coveo, among other accessible platforms, are similar solutions to Yext’s search. 

    What is one of the best alternatives to Yext?

    Luigi’s Box is an award-winning site search solution. Integration is straightforward. You get tons of additional features that are user-friendly for your potential customers. It is also an affordable site search platform.