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Best Sinequa Competitors

Looking for Sinequa competitors? We've compared the eight best providers on the market. Learn about the best Sinequa alternatives in this guide.

Best Sinequa Competitors

What is Sinequa?

Designed with large enterprises in mind, Sinequa is a powerful, cloud-based search platform. Sinequa can analyze unstructured and structured data through in-built AI and machine learning and reveal unseen insights.

In addition, the search platform has numerous other features that enterprises will appreciate, including user behavior tracking, pattern recognition, data indexing, and natural language processing.

But while its feature set is extensive, Sinequa is able to access data in any format from any source. This is made possible by the platform’s library of 200 ready-for-use converters and connectors to around 350 file formats. This number continues to grow as the developers add new formats regularly, leading to the most extensive view across the digital business landscape.

What is Sinequa used for?

Sinequa is often used to interpret content that is added from multiple sources. The platform can remove noise and deliver precise, detailed information thanks to its superior natural language processing technology. This sets the foundation for a business to provide excellent machine learning, accurate analytics, and highly targeted search results.

With these automation features, Sinequa takes the burden off employees by delivering an information-driven platform with secure access to content, content interpretation in a specific context, and continuous learning. 

What is the price for implementing Sinequa or its competitors?

The platform is offered with a subscription-based license for a minimum of three years and up to five years.

The pricing for Sinequa depends on the data volume processed in the platform. Pricing is calculated depending on the database records a company wants to analyze. Intervals in pricing are pretty generous, and users often don’t have to pay when adding smaller volumes of data records.

Because of this volume-based approach, you get to use the platform in any way you want with no limits on the users, servers, environments, cores, and queries. Additionally, businesses get unfiltered access to hundreds of intelligent connectors and cloud or hybrid models with no change to the pricing.

Why do you need advanced search.

Imagine this. You own a physical store, and a potential customer walks in. They ask for a specific item, but your employees don’t recognize it. They simply tell the customer they cannot assist them and ask them to leave. That’s not very good for business now, is it?

Well, that is sort of what happens when you use a basic e‑commerce search setup. When a visitor searches for a product with a search string that doesn’t match your database, the website will throw up a “no results found” page.

But, an advanced search module helps prevent this by intelligently deciphering the search string to give the right product.

Site search must be implemented as soon as possible.

After all, it is vital to understand your customers and business better. It uncovers many insights on purchasing patterns, how to reduce bounce rates, and boosting conversion.

In short, you can build a customer-centric website. A business can streamline and control searchable and promoted content while providing visitors with more helpful recommendations.

What are the benefits of implementing an onsite search solution?

A significant benefit is the better customer experience since customers can easily find the items they’re interested in buying. This leads to higher sales and better customer retention because the customers are more likely to buy from you when they can find relevant products.

Faceted search as one of the key features.
Advanced search results with faceted filters. MUZIKER.COM

What are the key search features to look for? 

A modern e‑shop needs to implement a good site search to reach these goals. There are various solutions available on the market with finely-tuned search functions. However, there are a few of them you cannot miss out on when looking for the proper search for your e‑shop.

Advanced product ranking

An in-depth product ranking system will allow you to customize product pages and categories to each shopper’s intent. You can deliver engaging, relevant experiences while successfully converting customers.

Look for a platform that can define a ranking strategy based on the context – this can include promoting specific products, displaying the size of your catalog, and removing unnecessary items.

It will also help automate repetitive tasks, freeing employees to focus on more value-added tasks.

Front-end integration

Easy integration is vital if you are looking for a hassle-free backend experience. Smaller businesses that may not have an in-house developer should look for options that don’t require extensive technical know-how. This can help them quickly solve obstacles and save time.  


A search platform that can provide visitors with customized results based on the preferences and behaviors of the said visitor will do wonders for your business. Some platforms can analyze past interests, purchase history, and session clicks.

Additionally, you can use this to alter searches to highlight specific products. Think of displaying sponsored items, prioritizing overstocked products, or ones with higher profit margins.

Synonyms detection and typo correction

Typos are all too familiar – even when someone is searching for a product. It could be misspelled brand name or model name. An advanced search platform should be able to understand typos and decipher what the customer needs.

A simple spelling mistake should not stop anyone from finding the right product.

Moreover, modern search softwares can recognize what synonyms people use when finding specific products based on customer behavior. Make sure you pick the one that has this feature.

Best Sinequa competitors

Now you know why you need proper search software and what features to look for to run a successful online business, let’s look at the best Sinequa competitors, whether you’re their lifelong customer or an e‑shop looking for the right solutions.

Luigi’s Box

Luigi’s Box is a favorite among e‑commerce businesses – and for a good reason. It has a reputation for increasing sales by providing a seamless shopping experience.

And it has the credentials to back itself up. Based out of Bratislava, Slovakia, it was voted the best E‑commerce search software in Europe by G2 in 2021. It also won the Search Industry Award Winner and Best Analytics E‑commerce Germany award.

So what does it offer?


Search far beyond full-text

While most search platforms rank results based on the full-text score, Luigi’s Box does that and also matches the quality. By considering the number of clicks on products and seasonal availability, Luigi’s Box can deliver a more customized experience.


The standard search is now the bare minimum, and Luigi’s Box knows this, which is they offer personalized search. This uses the visitor’s past clicks on products to better understand the intent and preferences. The longer potential buyers use the website, the better the personalization and result relevance.


Front-end integration

Business owners need to add just a single script to get started with Luigi’s Box. In terms of setup, few consider how user-friendly Luigi’s Box is. As you don’t need a developer, it is excellent for smaller businesses without an in-house developer team.


Advanced language support

With broad support for Central and Eastern European languages, Luigi’s Box offers plenty of language compatibility. Whatever your native language requirement, it’s sure to have it. Moreover, it ranks above the competition in language processing.



Small business owners and those in niche markets will appreciate the custom plan feature. You can create a personalized custom enterprise pricing plan that suits your requirements. An integrated calculator will let you set it up and request a quote.

The final price for the plan will depend on your catalog, monthly views, and services you want to use.


Customer service

With a wide range of worldwide retailers, Luigi’s Box is well-trusted and has a reputation for excellent customer service.

They offer a variety of ways to get in touch, including email, telephone, and a customer help form. Newcomers can even request a free trial on some products. The support team is always ready to help you make sure you’re making the most out of the tools.



  • Hassle-free integration
  • Customizable plans
  • Great customer support
  • Offers everything a business needs in one unified platform
  • Reporting tools and analytics platform gives valuable insights



  • The free trial is limited to the Analytics tool



Automated Merchandising

Searchspring’s automated merchandising features and personalized business logic controls have simple drag-and-drop control. This intuitive feature allows you to effectively fine-tune your e‑commerce store, execute flawless campaigns and save time on repetitive tasks.


Personalized recommendations

With intelligent site search and intelligent search applications, shoppers are treated to hyper-relevant results every time.


Superior site navigation

In addition to its intelligent site search, Searchspring features handy site navigation tools like filters and sorting options that intuitively narrow down a visitor’s results.



Pricing begins at $599 per month and goes up to $999 monthly. While there is no free trial, you can request a demo to learn more.

Also, if you plan on paying upfront for a year, you are eligible for a reduced fee.


Customer service

While Searchspring doesn’t offer live chat support, they offer quick 1:1 help and an extensive knowledge base with all the information you need to get started or if you’re stuck during setup.



  • Personalized product recommendations
  • Handy site navigation tools
  • Enhanced reporting and insights
  • Extensive knowledge base
  • User friendly
  • Tools offer valuable insights


  • No trial option
  • Lack of a live chat support
  • The UI can take some getting used to



Klevu’s Artificial Intelligence-powered search platform delivers dynamically optimized results. Along with its Natural Language Processing unit, the platform can understand spoken or typed language to know what the visitor wants.


Smart category merchandising 

Klevu uses real-time data to enhance results, responding to trends you may not even be aware of. It draws guidance from your campaigns, which it pairs with data from the customer search cloud to optimize results over time.

With several SEO-friendly layouts and filtering options, it improves the buying experience with a consistent theme throughout the e‑commerce website, whether it is on desktop or mobile, guaranteeing user satisfaction.


Smart product recommendations 

The product recommendations tool is powered by insights into shopper intent. Gone are theoretical segmentation and basic recommendations. Here, you get hyper-relevant recommendations, extensively researched and backed by the platform’s AI.



Klevu has three pricing tiers. It begins with Premium, then Premium+ and Enterprise. For most mid-size companies, the Premium tier should work, while large businesses should opt for Enterprise for features like Enterprise Search.


Customer service

Klevu offers many ways to get in touch, although sometimes, responses can take a while. The website has a help desk, email, contact numbers, and a contact form.



  • Visually appealing
  • Supports voice search
  • Supports long tail
  • Great Enterprise search platform


  • Needs a developer to integrate, customize and maintain it
  • Expensive


Key metrics

Marketers will love the range of intelligent, real-time reporting tools that offer crucial information on user behavior. Through this, they can improve results and fine-tune campaigns.


Brilliant search experiences

Immediate search results and dynamic filters and settings ensure a pleasing search experience that improves customer satisfaction.



The quick indexing feature by drastically improves search times and keeps all content up to date for visitors.


Promote best sellers

Select what products you want to highlight and promote on specific categories and pages.


Pricing’s pricing plan begins with a free plan that offers 10,000 free queries a month, followed by the Starter plan at $19. This gives you one domain, 10,000 records, and 10,000 queries.

At the other end is the Business and Business+ plan. The latter offers ten domains, 1 million records, and 1 million queries.

You can also try a 14-day trial.


Customer service has a solid, responsive support system. Users will find a helpful community, plenty of documentation, and a proper help desk for all queries and issues.



  • Easy to create captivating search experiences
  • Instant site indexing
  • Free trial option
  • Affordable pricing


  • Needs extensive end-user training
  • UI is difficult to understand



Rich behavioral data

Equipped with deep learning tools, Lucidworks’ models can understand human intent. You can then use this data to deliver relevant products and content to every individual user.


Scans billions of files

Any large-scale organization will have uncountable files and content, and a simple update may add thousands – maintaining all of this without disruptions can be difficult for most apps. However, Lucidworks features the capability to do so with less administrative effort and no service disruption.

Little IT knowledge required

The Lucidworks search platform does not have any components that need to be downloaded and installed. Instead, you log in, and the website search fires up in minutes, thanks to quick indexing and a simple setup process.


The pricing model of Lucidworks is not very different from the rest of the industry. However, the website does not offer details on a pricing structure. Instead, you have to get in touch with your requirements, and customer service will get back with a customized plan.

Customer service

Expect timely responses through their help form, email, or telephone numbers on the Contact page. Another much-appreciated factor is the wide variety of documentation available. Users can easily find the correct information from webinars to eBooks, training videos, and blogs.


  • Great for large-scale businesses
  • Requires little administrative effort
  • Offers (paid) training sessions


  • Bugs are somewhat common
  • Not a perpetual license but a subscription model
  • Could do with better natural language processing is an e‑commerce personalization software; helps digital retailers gain customers, convert them, and keep bringing them back. It achieves these results through its AI-driven model that automatically analyzes buyer behavior and transactions to deliver hyper-relevant results, recommendations, and much more. They guarantee to increase sales by 15 – 30%!


So what makes it stand out?

Natural language processing

The in-built language processing can quickly understand customer intent and context through categories with faceted search, measurements, and modifiers.

Accurately correct spelling errors and typos

Intelligent autocorrect ensures the correct result is delivered even when shoppers make typos.

Above-standard navigation features

Easy to add custom UX blocks allow you to create the best UI experience with any product. From being able to narrow results to easy filtering, the navigation features offered are beyond competitors.


Enjoy actionable, real-time insights on search revenue, lost opportunities, popularity, and profitability.

Pricing has an attractive pricing model where you pay for only what you use. All models offer free personal onboarding, while higher requirements will give you the Getting Started package.

Customer service is known to have excellent customer service. They are beneficial and easy to contact, from campaign advice to tips and onboarding assistance. There is a constantly updated help center with plenty of guides, e-mail, webinars, and 1-on-1 calls.

The highlight, though, is the instant live chat service. With this, you can immediately get in touch with a support agent and get assistance.


  • Responsive customer service and advice
  • Easy to customize and maintain
  • The pricing model is perfect for small and medium businesses
  • Updated help desk and helpful forum


  • Lacks integration with some popular platforms
  • Bugs have been reported when exporting dashboard reports
  • The initial implementation may be a bit confusing


Founded in 2006, Yext has a long history in digital search and is currently publicly traded on the NYSE. In short, they know what they are doing!


Competitive intelligence

Users can get real-time insight into the performances of their competitors as well as their online reputation.

Flexible navigation structures

With several structures, users can build different taxonomies to keep content.

Analyze consumer search behavior

The preloaded analytics tools are superpowered with real-time data on visitor search queries and more.

Great variety of pre-built templates

The platform includes a vast library of free and purchasable site templates for maximum customization.


Yext has a confusing pricing plan and often attempts to pair its search platform with other products. That being said, all the additional products are indeed created for e‑commerce, so they benefit you.

The good news is that they offer a 7-day trial that can help you decide if it’s what you are looking for.

Customer service

The consensus is that Yext has exceptionally excellent customer service. While we miss the live chat option here, they remain easily contactable through phone and email.


  • Once implemented, the platform is super user-friendly
  • Fast, responsive, and super helpful customer support
  • The platform has excellent UI
  • Extensive reporting tools let you quickly show value to clients


  • Price is reported to be steeper than the competition
  • Some features are hidden behind additional paywalls



Wide language support

Algolia works with a range of languages right out of the box, whether it is Chinese, Arabic, English, or Korean. And yes, both right-to-left (RTL) and left-to-right (LTR) scripts work efficiently.


You will find a robust typo tolerance feature with convenient settings to customize how lenient the artificial intelligence should be with such search results. 


Businesses that only focus on specific regions will benefit from the geo-search feature of Algolia. You can display search results based on distance, radius, or region.


Thanks to the personalization feature, easily create relevant content that’s curated to each user. For instance, anyone buying a chess board may look for strategy books on the game, which are then suggested to the buyer.


The key benefit of the platform is that you can subscribe for free and pay depending on your usage.

The Standard model begins at just $1 per 1,000 Search requests. They offer various other search-related services, often bundled together for a great deal.

Customer service

The customer service is pretty standard with Algolia, and nothing to write about. It gets the basics done with timely service through email or calls. In addition, the Help Center should suffice for most of your queries.


  • The pricing model may benefit small to medium businesses
  • Higher discounts as your usage increases
  • Can begin using it without signing up with a credit card


  • Not a plug-and-play model – needs developer input
  • The backend can be a bit slow sometimes
  • Date migration could be easier
  • Not flexible with other platforms


A robust search platform is crucial for your success. Nobody wants to – nor will they – spend hours looking for products. If you can’t bring it to the customers, they will look towards your competitor for it, and that’s not something you want.

The platform options we’ve explored above are some of the best you can find in the market today, but depending on your requirements, some might be a better fit than others. Some are better for SMBs, while others offer features that are better suited for larger businesses.

Whichever you choose, we recommend booking a free demo with the designated specialists to start with.

Frequently asked questions

As businesses expand rapidly and fast-growing volumes of information become commonplace, it is clear that companies need a better way to dissect that information and separate the meaningful answers from the clutter.

This is where an advanced search engine comes through. By taking it beyond criteria and keywords, an advanced search platform offers a convenient and intelligent way to understand large volumes of data. The end user enjoys increased power, an improved UI, and particular features that make life easier.

How much does Sinequa cost?

Sinequa does not give exact details on pricing since its model is personalized to every client’s needs and data volume. However, the pricing model is reasonably accessible for larger enterprises.

It is also straightforward to sign up for a demo and discuss details in-depth.  

What are the top alternatives to Sinequa?

Luigi’s Box, Lucidworks, Searchspring, or Klevu come highly recommended if you want options that exceed expectations.

What is one of the best alternatives to Sinequa?

While it all comes down to your business requirements, we would choose Luigi’s Box as a suitable alternative to Sinequa. 

Why, you ask? Simply because of its unparalleled ease of access, around-the-clock customer service, and host of features.

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