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Excluded Results

Give your customers complete control over their search results with the option of removing unwanted products.

What are Excluded results?

Excluded results is a feature that you can use to get rid of any possibly unwanted results from any search on your e‑shop. You can select which results will be removed when an online customer starts a search for specific products.

For example, if you spot an error in the description of one of your products and that product is visible where it shouldn’t be, you can simply hide this product from search results in a matter of seconds.

How can you use Excluded results?

Excluded results is a great feature for saving user’s time thanks to its ability to remove any unwanted results from each search. Excluding results can help users focus more and remove any unwanted distracting results from a search. Most importantly it can improve the likelihood of finding accurate results. You can customize popular search queries according to your preference for any search.

What are the benefits of Excluded results?

  • Improved results
  • Increased likelihood of finding the right result
  • Removed clutter and distracting results
  • Saves time