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Grammatical Forms

Use NLP modules for lemmatization to avoid unnecessary problems with grammatical forms.

What is the Grammatical forms feature?

Grammatical forms are a feature in Luigi’s Box that is especially useful for clients who use languages where grammatical forms of words can change depending on their context. Common languages that use various grammatical forms are German, Slovak, Czech, and others. Each word form is acknowledged by the Luigi’s Box system and it’s taken into consideration during the customers’ search.

Because of this, the customers have a smaller chance of getting zero results on their search if they type a word with a grammatical form that differs from what is written in the product name or description.

How can you use the Grammatical forms feature?

Grammatical forms are incredibly important, and not just for e‑shop owners who run their stores in foreign languages. It’s equally important for English e‑shops too, because it unifies all world forms into a single form that can be easily understood during each and every search. This unification is not visible to anyone but the Luigi’s Box artificial intelligence understands it and considers all grammatical forms of each word.

This can help you avoid searches with no results, even though the customers technically used the correct term to describe what items they’re looking for. You can avoid a lot of problems with no result searches, and showing the wrong results which ensure a smooth customer experience for everyone.

What are the benefits of the Grammatical forms feature?

  • Easier search without misunderstanding terms
  • All grammatical forms are understood and acknowledged
  • Especially useful for e‑shops in languages that rely on grammatical forms
  • Increase customer satisfaction and chances of sales