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Last Seen

Remind customers about last seen product to encourage them to purchase anytime they visit your e‑shop.

What is the Last Seen feature?

The Last seen feature in Luigi’s Box reminds customers about products they previously browsed. The system remembers which products were last seen by each customer, and shows them while they browse the next products.

How can you use the Last seen feature?

Online shoppers who browse a lot of products may lose interest, misclick, or simply forget about the last viewed products. The Last Seen feature shows them their latest previously viewed products and reminds them of them, which can encourage them to check those products again and make a purchase more likely.

This feature doesn’t work only while your customers browse your web, the data remains saved in the system. This means that even if a customer returns to browse your e‑shop on the next day, or week, the system will remember their last seen products and recommend them again.

What are the benefits of the Last seen feature?

  • Remind customers about last-seen products
  • Increase your chances of getting a sale