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Visual Recommender

Display relevant product recommendations to customers using images when they search.

What is the Visual recommender?

The Visual recommender feature in Luigi’s Box can help your customers see the recommendations thanks to the support of photos and images in your Recommendations. With this feature, your Recommendations can become a bit more alive and show the customers exactly what you’re recommending.

How can you use the Visual recommender?

Visual recommender is essential for improving your sales. It can show your customers exactly what recommended products look like and make them more likely to buy them. Luigi’s Box will utilize all images and photographs you provide it with, so it can help you sell more. This feature works most well with products that have a striking design which makes them easily noticeable. However, with the right kind of photo or image, your products can get noticed under any circumstances.

What are the benefits of the Visual recommender?

  • Visual recommendations are more likely to get noticed
  • Sales increase
  • Average shopping cart increase