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Product Listing

Simplify product browsing with listings displaying all necessary product information in one go.

What is Product Listing?

Product listing is one of the main products of Luigi’s Box. It has its own set of features that help online stores create the best possible customer experience with product listings. The Luigi’s Box product listing is perfectly designed to fit any e‑shop and provide a comprehensive and easy-to-understand list of products.

Each product listing is visible after the customers enter a search query, and they can start browsing. Every listing they see has an image, a price tag, as well as a short description of a particular product. Additionally, they can see product codes and availability. They also have the option to enter the product detail if they need more information.

The Luigi’s Box product listings include features such as dynamic filters which smartly offer relevant filtering options for each category of products or merchandising options where you can boost specific products to improve their chances of being sold. You can also utilize product banners in your listings, use personalization to show the most relevant results to each customer based on their previous searches, or get engaged with product ranking to select which products will appear first.

How can you use Product listing?

Product listing is one of the main and most important features for the navigation and user interface of any online store. Luigi’s Box product listing has a great design with place for accurate product descriptions, and it’s supported by very useful features that make product browsing incredibly easy for every customer. You can use banners to encourage customers to buy certain products and increase your sales.

Personalization is performed automatically for each customer and it ensures they will see products they might find more relevant than others. Product ranking can be done manually and it can help you reorder product listings as you see fit. Dynamic filtering helps your customers save time and it can be accustomed to any product category. All of these features can help you increase your sales significantly, and help you provide a great customer experience in any product listing from any product category.

What are the benefits of our Product listing?

  • Simple and efficient product organizing
  • Advanced features for better customer experience
  • Increased chances of sales