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Recommendation for Email Campaigns

Increase the chance of getting repeat customers with product newsletters with relevant products.

What are the Recommendations for email campaigns?

Luigi’s Box Recommendations for email campaigns can help you provide custom and personalized recommendations straight to your customers’ email inboxes. If your customers choose to provide cookie consent, the Luigi’s Box system will create a tailor-made product selection and send it out.

This feature is directly connected with the entire Recommender product and uses relevant data to always get an accurate user profile for each customer.

How can you use the Recommendations for email campaigns?

Engage with your customers and recommend relevant products to them even when they’re not browsing your e‑shop. Product newsletters are a popular way of sending out product news and giving customers reminders that they haven’t visited you in some time.

With the Recommendation for email campaigns at your disposal, you can make sure that when they open their email, they will always have relevant products to consider for purchase. This can increase your chances of getting repeat customers, and improve your sales.

What are the benefits of using Recommendations for email campaigns?

  • Engage with customers even when they’re not browsing your store
  • Send relevant product recommendations straight to their inboxes
  • Improve your sales and get more repeat customers