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Recommendation Mixing

Combine various recommendations as you prefer and adjust them for any use case.

What is Recommendation mixing?

Luigi’s Box Recommender includes recommendations for various types of products, including novelties, top-selling products, previously viewed products, products with higher profit margins, and more. However, that doesn’t mean you only have to use products from one of these categories.

The Recommendation mixing feature allows you to combine and adjust recommendations on your website to your liking.

How can you use Recommendation mixing?

Recommendation mixing gives you higher flexibility with your Recommender. This can allow you to customize and adjust your recommendations to almost any use case and for any purpose. For example, you can mix top-selling products with novelties for an easier chance to improve your earnings, select products with high-profit margins with less popular ones to increase their chances of selling or combine in any other way according to your preference.

You can always switch it up and see what works best for any particular situation in your e‑shop.

What are the benefits of using Recommendation mixing?

  • Mix and match various types of product recommendations
  • Adjust the Recommender for any situation
  • Added flexibility for your recommendation presentation