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Recommender A/B Testing

Improve recommendations with continuous A/B testing. Find a variation that performs best for you.

What is the Recommender A/B testing feature?

Recommender A/B testing is a Luigi’s Box feature that allows you to test our different variations of feature recommendations based on various data gathered by the system. Some customers will be shown the A variant, while others will be shown the B variant. Thanks to the results of this testing, you can determine which recommender variation will perform the best.

How can you use the Recommender A/B testing feature?

Recommender A/B testing is one of the best ways to determine which product recommendations bring the best results. By testing both versions simultaneously, you can save time on testing, and accurately tweak your recommendations to customers.

Continuous testing, and using the results can help you provide better recommendations continuously, and help you increase your sales.

What are the benefits of the Recommender A/B testing feature?

  • Continuously improve recommendations
  • Select best-performing results
  • Increase your sales