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Recommender Clicks

Learn about recommendations performance and how to improve them constantly.

What is the Recommender clicks feature?

The Recommender clicks feature in Luigi’s Box gathers data about clicks on individual recommendations by customers. This feature is directly connected to the Recommender feature, which means it accesses all click data and organizes it for you in the dashboard.

How can you use the Recommender clicks analytics?

Recommender clicks analytics are important to keep you informed about the effectiveness of your recommendations. The more clicks a particular recommendation gets, the better your chance of catching customers’ attention and increasing your sales. You can learn how to improve your recommendation from Recommender items with smaller click volumes and find out why they aren’t doing as well as others.

What are the benefits of the Recommender clicks analytics?

  • Learn important click data
  • See how your recommendations perform
  • Improve with comprehensive click analytics