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Shopify Product Search

Shopify Product Search & Filter App

Luigi's Box Product Search & Discovery is an advanced AI-powered one-click add-on for Shopify - the most used e-commerce platform in the world. It offers excellent search functionality, advanced features, and product filters to gain the best search experience.

Increase your Shopify store revenues with an easy plug-and-play solution without needing IT support from the client's side.

Improve search and product discovery

Luigi's Product Search & Discovery plugin for Shopify

Luigi’s Box offers advanced AI-driven site search solutions and is suitable for any e-commerce platform. In addition, it provides a plug-and-play solution for Shopify store owners with easy download and setup.

You are only a few minutes away from using our advanced product search feature.

What makes Luigi's Box better?

Why are standard Shopify Search Plugins not enough?

Standard Shopify search plugins offer a great search function, but it is not enough. Luigi’s Box Product Search & Discovery offers advanced functionality and features to boost sales and enhance customer experience.

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Trusted by more than 3,000 online businesses

Advanced Search functionality

Predictive Search Autocomplete

One of Luigi’s Box Search key features is Autocomplete feature. Autocomplete is an innovative search-as-you-type feature that, thanks to AI, show relevant results to each customer in the search bar.

It reduces wasteful shopping time by getting them to their desired products in a few seconds and encourages them to buy more because they see more products while searching. Autocomplete feature is suitable for any Shopify website.

Dynamic filtering options

Easily create dynamic product filters for your store

Unlike the standard search, Luigi’s Box Search offers filters whose relevance varies on product categories.

For example, you can filter clothes by color and size and books by author or genre.

G2 Reports

Gain momentum with us!

The Momentum scores for E‑Commerce Search display each product’s Momentum score on the vertical axis and Satisfaction score on the horizontal axis, based on G2’s algorithms. Products within the shaded area have a top 25% Momentum Grid® score.

Relationship Index

G2’s E-Commerce Search Relationship Index

Discover the factors influencing product relationships. See the chart below for insights on ease of business, support quality, and recommendations from our customers.

  • Ease of Business
  • Likely to Recommend
  • Quality of Support
  • Other Factors
Luigi’s Box
  • Ease of Business: 3.29
  • Likely to Recommend: 1.43
  • Quality of Support: 3.34
  • Other Factors: 1.71
Ease of Business: 3.29
Likely to Recommend: 1.43
Quality of Support: 3.34
Other Factors: 1.71
  • Ease of Business: 3.43
  • Likely to Recommend: 1.43
  • Quality of Support: 3.4
  • Other Factors: 1.25
Ease of Business: 3.43
Likely to Recommend: 1.43
Quality of Support: 3.4
Other Factors: 1.25
  • Ease of Business: 3.29
  • Likely to Recommend: 1.36
  • Quality of Support: 3.27
  • Other Factors: 1.45
Ease of Business: 3.29
Likely to Recommend: 1.36
Quality of Support: 3.27
Other Factors: 1.45
  • Ease of Business: 3.22
  • Likely to Recommend: 1.29
  • Quality of Support: 3.1
  • Other Factors: 1.67
Ease of Business: 3.22
Likely to Recommend: 1.29
Quality of Support: 3.1
Other Factors: 1.67
  • Ease of Business: 3.39
  • Likely to Recommend: 1.41
  • Quality of Support: 3.47
  • Other Factors: 0.75
Ease of Business: 3.39
Likely to Recommend: 1.41
Quality of Support: 3.47
Other Factors: 0.75

Get to know your customers. Give every visitor a personalized, user-friendly product discovery experience to drive sales.

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More Tools

What's in the box


Comprehensive analytics that identifies issues with search queries and helps find out how to optimize and improve them for better results.


Smart search with autocomplete helps visitors quickly find the products they are looking for, considerably reducing wasteful shopping time. 


Personalized boxes with product recommendations help raise the average order value and can be placed anywhere on the website.

Product Listing

Personalized product listing pages, organized in a way that enhances browsing experience, supports your business goals and increases revenue.

Increase in the total amount of turnover

Our tools help customers find what they are looking for and thus contribute to higher sales.

Increase repeat purchases

Our tools improve the UX of the e-shop. Customers like to return to places where they had a good experience and enjoyed shopping.

Increase in the average value of orders

Based on what customers have viewed in the e-shop and what they buy, we can advise them on what else they might need.

Supporting your marketing activities

Our tools think about the profit of the e-shop. They arrange the products so the purchase probability is as high as possible.

Must-have features

Advanced search features at your Shopify store

Learn more about advanced Luigi's Box functionalities that turn every Shopify web store into a revenue machine.

Predictive autocomplete suggestions

Our search solution offers Autocomplete feature that shows relevant product suggestions from customers’ first keystrokes. The autocomplete suggestions are loaded superfast in real-time which saves customers time. Our tools will not slow down your website.

Typo tolerance and synonym management

Luigi’s Box Search is typo tolerant and recognizes the synonyms or slang words, ensuring correct search results and decreasing customer frustration that he cannot get to the products. You can manage the synonyms in advance and provide the most accurate search results.

Personalised suggestions based on customer behavior

Thanks to the ability of Machine learning to learn from data from previous customer interactions, your customers can get the most accurate search results. Provide better and more accurate product results and improves your sales.

Dynamic facets filtering

Offer different filters for different categories of products based on their attributes. Remove all unnecessary filtering options from each search and show only the most relevant ones to each customer, save their time and increase sales.

Voice search

Luigi’s Box offers a voice search feature that allows your customers to find their desired products without the need of typing, which increases search speed, and flexibility and improves customer satisfaction as it’s more comfortable.

Proven results

Read our case studies

Datart: What is the magic behind the 19% increase in conversion? A/B test

After evaluating the tests, we found that, Luigi's Box Search was demonstrably better on both language versions of the e-shop.

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Dr.Max Increased the Conversion Rate of Specific Product Category by 230% Over a Month

Dr.Max is one of the online pharmacy market leaders with more than 12,000 different products.

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Electronics Giant Raised Search Conversion Rate by +600%

Nay is Slovakia's leading electronics store and one of our first major clients. In the Czech Republic, they operate under the brand Electro World.

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Košík’s Search Conversions Increased by 10.5%

With Luigi's Box, Koší enjoys more satisfied customers, more relevant search results, and increased revenue.

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O2 Conversion Rates of Trending Products Increased by 320%

Luigi’s Box helped O2 customers find what they are searching for, improved the overall user experience, and augmented conversion rates significantly.

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SpokojenyPes Sees 96% Growth in Search Conversion Rate

Luigi's Box multiplied the search conversion rate for one of the biggest e-shops offering pet food and supplies in the Czech Republic.

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Product promotion

Merchandising Features

Use customizable merchandising features and promote chosen products or a specific brand or rank the relevant search results in the desired order.

Custom search pins

Pin to position

Choose and change the position of products of your choice in the search results.

For example, if you have products in the sale or the last pieces, do not hesitate to pin them on the top of search results.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I add Luigi's Box Search bar to my website?

You can get to Luigi’s Box’s intelligent features in less than 15 minutes. Luigi’s Box plug-and-play solution is available at the Shopify app store, and the whole integration and setup could be done in a few clicks without the need for IT specialists.

Is Luigi's Box a suitable site search solution for Shopify?

Despite the fact that the e-commerce world offers many great tools, our solution is amongst the most powerful tools on the market. With our predictive search, custom filters, and advanced features, you can unlock the potential of your e-shop, earn dream revenue and gain many satisfied repeat customers.

What are Luigi's Box requirements for working?

Luigi’s Box works with all the latest themes and if your website is up-to-date, everything should work fine.

What are Luigi's Box pricing options?

Luigi’s Box offers a 14-day free trial for Shopify clients, so you can try our Search, Recommender, and Analytics before launching cooperation and see if its features meet your expectations and needs. The tool is free to install, and after the free trial, you will be charged according to the number of units per month. The first 5000 units are not charged. Any other 500 units above 5000 are charged 1 dollar per month. Check inside the app calculator for projecting monthly fees.