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Recommendation Bundles

Incrase your sales and the chance of selling multiple products in one go based on previous user searches.

What is the Recommendation bundles feature?

This feature is essentially similar to other Luigi’s Box recommendation features, with the exception of recommending bundles of valuable products based on previous user searches, browsing, and searching. The system can help you create product bundles based on popular searches by your customers.

How can you use the Recommendation bundles feature?

Recommendation bundles are a great feature for recommending products that are often bought frequently with a combination of multiple other products. A great example is a camera, where you can encourage users to get a bundle with camera lenses, tripods, protection cases, bags, or any other frequently bought camera equipment.

A Recommendation bundle can help your customers save some extra cash while also filling their shopping carts and increasing their value.

What are the benefits of the Recommendation bundles features?

  • Increase your chances of selling multiple products at once
  • Increase customer satisfaction with better bundle value
  • Improve your sales
  • Increase the average shopping cart value