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Recommender Impressions

Track impressions data of Recommender, learn how it works, and use the data for future improvement.

What is the Recommender impressions feature?

An Impression is a marketing term that refers to users actively seeing advertisements. Impressions are often measured to help businesses get an overview of how many people saw their advertisements. In Luigi’s Box, the Recommender impressions feature can help you measure how many customers have seen product recommendations on Luigi’s Box Recommender.

How can you use the Recommender impressions feature?

Recommender impressions are very important data at your disposal in the Luigi’s Box feature set. You can get an accurate overview of how many customers visually engaged with your recommendations. Having the information about Recommender impressions can help you easily determine which Recommender efforts have been more successful and which ones didn’t get the desired results. You can also reveal any mistakes or bugs thanks to accurate numbers.

Luigi’s Box gathers this data for you automatically so you can use it for tracking purposes, and deciding on further Recommender improvements.

What are the benefits of using the Recommender impressions feature?

  • Track impressions of your Recommender
  • Use data to improve your recommendations
  • Keep track of recommendation success