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E‑commerce Search Engine

Delight Your Customers and Boost Your Sales With Smart Search for E‑commerce

What's easier to find is easier to buy. Provide your customers with an unforgettable personalized shopping experience. Let them get to the relevant products easier and quicker with an advanced search box and its features tailored for e‑commerce. Enjoy more repeat customers and higher revenue by up to 50%. Explore what an intelligent e‑commerce search engine can do.

Focused on ROI

Convert easier, earn more

Search can make up 50% of an e‑commerce store’s revenue, which means that increasing the performance of search can make it easier for your customers to find relevant products and improve your conversion rates.

On top of that, Luigi’s Box gives you merchandising options to give products a special spotlight and boosts their sales.

Personalized search queries

Show the relevant, personalized results

Luigi’s Box Search uses ML algorithms to understand the search intent and personalize the search results based on customers’ previous behavior, preferences, and user intent.

Our Search capabilities ensure that each customer gets personalized experiences and relevant product recommendations not only in the search box but also elsewhere in the interface of your e‑shop.

Fully-featured search tool

Increase shopping experience, build loyalty

Providing the best possible experience is also possible thanks to advanced features that can convert potential customers into paying ones.

All the features like autocomplete, dynamic filters, voice search, faceted search, and personalization make product discovery smooth. They also improve the overall customer experience and help you build a loyal base of happy customers.

No. 1 E‑Commerce Search Software in Europe
Best Analytics E‑Commerce Germany Award
Search Industry Award Winner
AI‑Driven Search Engine for E‑commerce

Meet Luigi's Box search tools

Take a look at some of the most important features that make our Search a state-of-the-art solution.

Predictive autocomplete

Show accurate search options from the first keystroke with autocomplete that predicts the user intent and displays relevant products with each search string in a blink of an eye.

Artificial intelligence & personalization

Delight customers with personalized experiences thanks to machine learning algorithms that evaluate users’ real intent and show personalized product results to each visitor.

Dynamic search filters

Display only the most relevant search filters to products based on customer search categories for splendid search refinement and make searching as effective as possible.

Search analytics

Leverage powerful search engine insights, learn how users interact with results, and understand your visitors with comprehensive search analytics to improve your e‑commerce business.

Merchandising options

Influence search results in a way that meets your business goals. Boost individual products that need it, pin specific products at the top, or promote novelties to increase sales.

Product banners

Bring attention to chosen products by promoting them right in search and product lists with customizable banners. Improve sales of individual products of your choice and boost your conversions.


Luigi's Box Search features



Help users get relevant results and avoid the risk of no-results searches by unifying specific keywords.

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Automated Synonyms Suggestions

Offer automatic synonyms suggestions generated based on users' frequent search queries.

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Typo Correction

Ensure the most accurate results by automatically correcting all typos in the search box.

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Rotating Words

Help customers while searching with rotating ideas for search queries shown in the search bar.

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Dynamic Search Filters

Show the most relevant results based on gathered data saving search time with in-built filters.

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Grammatical Forms

Use NLP modules for lemmatization to avoid unnecessary problems with grammatical forms.

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Match Quality Ranking

Improve your search by identifying keywords and adjusting them to suit users' preferences better.

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No Result Prevention

Prevent users from hitting "0 results" page and bring relevant results related to the original search.

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Novelty Preference

Give extra spotlight to new products in product search and increase your sales.

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Product Code Recognition

Help customers find desired products quickly with product codes and increase e‑shop traffic and sales.

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Product Variants

Include different product variants in your search and give customers a more comprehensive selection.

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Word Decompounding

Improve search flexibility without the need for specific keywords. Works perfectly with longer word structures.

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G2 Reports

Gain momentum with us!

The Momentum scores for E‑Commerce Search display each product’s Momentum score on the vertical axis and Satisfaction score on the horizontal axis, based on G2’s algorithms. Products within the shaded area have a top 25% Momentum Grid® score.

Relationship Index

G2’s E‑Commerce Search Relationship Index

Discover the factors influencing product relationships. See the chart below for insights on ease of business, support quality, and recommendations from our customers.

  • Ease of business
  • Likely to recommend
  • Quality of support
  • Other factors
Luigi's Box
  • Ease of business: 1.75
  • Likely to recommend: 2.78
  • Quality of support: 2.79
  • Other factors: 1.67
Ease of business: 1.75
Likely to recommend: 2.78
Quality of support: 2.79
Other factors: 1.67
  • Ease of business: 1.88
  • Likely to recommend: 2.9
  • Quality of support: 2.79
  • Other factors: 1.31
Ease of business: 1.88
Likely to recommend: 2.9
Quality of support: 2.79
Other factors: 1.31
  • Ease of business: 1.78
  • Likely to recommend: 2.69
  • Quality of support: 2.7
  • Other factors: 1.63
Ease of business: 1.78
Likely to recommend: 2.69
Quality of support: 2.7
Other factors: 1.63
  • Ease of business: 1.92
  • Likely to recommend: 2.64
  • Quality of support: 2.68
  • Other factors: 1.45
Ease of business: 1.92
Likely to recommend: 2.64
Quality of support: 2.68
Other factors: 1.45
  • Ease of business: 1.75
  • Likely to recommend: 2.75
  • Quality of support: 2.77
  • Other factors: 0.96
Ease of business: 1.75
Likely to recommend: 2.75
Quality of support: 2.77
Other factors: 0.96

Why top-notch e‑commerce stores need Luigi's Box?

Higher engagement and conversion rates

The advanced AI‑powered search engine can increase your conversion rates and engagement remarkably since it provides several features that simplify and speed up the search and buying experience.

Higher revenue and average order value

The more relevant search results customers get in combination with product recommendations and merchandising features, the higher the revenue and average order value of your e‑shop.

Better user experience, better customer loyalty

The better experience your customers get from your e‑shop's faceted search, the greater the chance they will come back to buy more often and that more potential customers will learn about you.

Trusted by more than 3,000 online businesses

Get to know your customers. Give every visitor a personalized, user-friendly product discovery experience to drive sales.

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Frequently asked questions

What is an e‑commerce search engine?

An e‑commerce product search engine is software that allows users to search across the e‑commerce website to find the exact products they are looking for or relevant products based on the product description. Therefore, good e‑commerce search engines should recognize the user intent, be typo friendly, recognize synonyms, show the results quickly, cater to mobile users, as well as effortlessly handle large numbers of searches per month without slowing down the website.

Why is na advanced search engine crucial for e‑commerce sites?

Search is one of the most critical elements of e‑commerce sites. For example, visitors who use search are twice more likely to convert, and more than 50% of all conversions are made using search. An advanced e‑commerce search tool can therefore be highly beneficial for each e‑commerce business model as it can significantly affect sales.

How to choose the best search engine for your online store?

While choosing the best search engine for you, you should consider the factors like integration options, support, search match quality, AI capabilities, personalization, merchandising features, and other additional features that bring the search experience on your e‑shop to another level.

What is the most suitable e‑commerce search engine?

Luigi’s Box is a great choice, with a vast number of positive reviews on renowned review portals like G2, Capterra, etc. It offers quick response times, a well-optimized search experience with high relevance of search results. It doesn’t slow down websites, and it provides great benefits to sales and conversions.