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Online A/B Testing

See which version of search solution suits you better and continuously improve your e‑shop performance.

What is Online A/B testing?

Proper testing and measuring performance is an essential part of any great e‑shop. Online A/B testing can be incredibly helpful because it can not only help you show which version of your online solution works better, you can continuously work on improvement.

Online A/B testing allows you to test solutions in a live environment and switch between them based on which performs better at any given moment. This ensures you can quickly switch from one solution to the other and provide the best experience for your customers.

How can you use Online A/B testing?

Online A/B testing allows you to quickly switch between two versions of your search solution based on performance. Make sure you always show the best version to your customers and improve the customer experience for each online shopper. Having great solutions available online will increase your chances of satisfying customers, and helping them find the right products.

How can you benefit from Online A/B testing?

  • Always provide the best customer experience
  • Get higher popularity and chances of sale
  • Enhance your store’s performance