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Increase conversion rate of your e–shop by improving your site search

Case study of a most–relevant online grocery store in Czech and Slovak republic

What makes e-shop site search so important?

People who used site-search on an e-commerce site are 70% more likely to purchase. Because they know
what they want!

This is a real case study presenting problems and lost opportunities identified through site search analysis performed by Luigi’s Box tool.
of this e–shop visitors
used search

Conversion rate for the e–shop

of visitors who did not use search (search box)


Conversion rate of visitors who used search was 8× bigger

Without using search
When search was used
Luigi’s BoxOur hint

Emphasize your search.

More searches means more sales.

of searches did not find anything.


That means that

= 3500 600

approx. 3 500 failed searches and in average 600 of potential sales in vain

How could that happen that the e–shop lost so many sales?

Read on…

Autocomplete for
“Rio” (orange juice)
did not return any result

It was one of the most searched products and it was out of stock.

Luigi’s BoxOur hint

Know what trends are.
Pre-order in advance.

If your products cannot be found even though you have them in stock, adjust your search algorithm then.

of searches

ended up without a click on any result


was the most searched product

Top positions were taken by sun milks,
acidophilus milks, milks for coffee etc.
with almost no purchases.

The most shopped ordinary milk, was on 52nd position.

and the milk was not the only case…


Among top hits were expensive and rather unknown beers, which nobody wanted to buy.
People were buying mostly bottled beers and bottled beer multi-packs, which were shown on subsequent search results pages, so only a fraction of visitors got to see them.

People were also looking for particular beer brands such as Bernard, Svijany, Plzeň. The search engine was, again, not able to yield any result.

We observed similar problem also among other products.

Luigi’s BoxOur hint

The ordering of results matter, take care of it.

Incorrect ordering of displayed products can lead your visitors to thinking that you do not offer a product they are looking for.
They will buy it elsewhere.

21% of searches

ended up showing some results to a visitor, who even clicked on it, but did not buy anything.

The reason was mostly:

Weak product
Absence of

Other functionalities of Luigi’s Box


Lost opportunities

Cross selling


Overview of most wanted products.

Suitable for product managers, e.g., to get hints about product portfolio expansion or tracking of stocks.

Lost opportunities

These statistics shows hot spots, where it makes most sense to focus and start solving problems.

It is a quantification of money lost due to incorrect search.

Cross selling

A visitor looking for product X, is also looking for product Y.

Guides you in definition of cross sell packages, such as milk + butter or pampers + nutrilon.

So, how about your search?
Where is your top product, your „milk“?

Bad search experience is a lost opportunity.
With Luigi’s Box you can easily find out how are you doing.

This is how you will see your e–shop
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Luigi’s Box is an analytical tool, providing in-depth analytics of search & navigation on your site. It gives you detailed information about interactions of your visitors, what search terms they use most often, where do they struggle to find results and where you are losing their attention. However, we are going beyond analytics – we are working on a completely new concept of search & navigation.

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