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Data for all, all for data – Why we’re launching Luigi’s Box Freemium

Luigi's Blog | March 19, 2020

Running an ecommerce business is hard as it is. And while there are different challenges when you’re just starting out, scaling up, and expanding to new markets, one thing will never change. You’ll always need tons of data to make better business decisions and to deliver the best shopping experience possible to your customers.

You don’t want the customers to wander around for a while and then leave your store for a competitor’s one. You want them to enter, quickly find what they’re looking for, and close the sale smoothly.

We’re here to help, now more than ever – we’ve just launched a freemium version of our smart search performance analytics.

How Luigi’s Box Freemium works

We made it simple. Sign up, and you can analyze a certain amount of monthly searches on your site for free. The quota, which we set to 1,000 visits per day to start with, renews every midnight. And you can keep enjoying this setup forever.

Why did we do it?

Long story short: To rid you of any reason to not pay attention to your site search performance, and to show you how much of a contribution site search has to your revenues. We believe data should be available to anyone and everyone, and this is our way of expressing this belief.

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