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Is the site search a conversion rate optimization opportunity of the year? Learn in our exclusive study.

Luigi's Blog | February 17, 2020

Is site search the most overlooked conversion optimization opportunity of the year?

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Does your eshop generate enough purchases? Compare it with others. A unique study from 500 e-shops is free to download. Do you know where your customers write their shopping wishes most often? Do you know what generates one-third of e-shop turnover on average? Yes, it’s a “search-box”.

You regularly monitor how much you’re spending on acquiring customers, what is the ROI of each communication channel, the ROAS indicator, etc. However, do you know your search site conversion rate?

If you have made an effort to bring a visitor to the site, they are interested in the product. Do not lose your sales potential by not being able to offer the product they look for. Our study confirmed that site visitors who use search buy 2.2 times more often (216%) than site visitors who do not use search. Do you pay enough attention to your search box?

At Luigi’s Box, we have prepared a study that summarizes interesting statistics from 500 e-commerce projects from 19 mostly European countries and 11 market segments.

We identified the most common mistakes that are repeated by websites, but they can be easily corrected with a suitably chosen solution and help to optimise conversion rate.

Detect and fix the biggest mistakes in your search, serve your customers in the way they open their wallets with you, not with competitors.

The study will tell you:

  • How is your search in comparison to the market average in your segment?
  • What steps lead to an excellent search?
  • What is the conversion rate in the 11 market segments?
  • Why do more than 60% of all searches on e-shops end without a result or a click on any result?
  • Which situations are “most frustrating” for visitors and lead them to leave the site, or to buy from a competitor?
  • What are the differences between mobile search vs desktop, what causes these differences and a lot of information?

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