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Luigi’s Box Won a 2018 Search Industry Award in London

Luigi's Blog | November 27, 2018
We’re happy to announce that we’ve recently received a Search Industry Award for the “Most Promising Start-Up” by the Information Retrieval Specialist Group under the British Computer Society (BCS).
The BCS jury appreciated the analytical features of Luigi’s Box that reveal eye-opening truths about any search engine.

The BCS organizes an annual conference in November in London called the Search Solutions– an event that no search engine and information retrieval professionals want to miss. Without much hesitation, our co-founder Michal decided to attend the event and sign up Luigi’s Box in the Search Industry Awards competition which took place in parallel with the conference.
When the Information Retrieval Specialist Group announced that Luigi’s Box won the award, we got excited.
“Receiving an award from top professionals in our field is a success for the whole team. It’s a great encouragement for our further work,” says Michal. We believe that becoming better-known among British entrepreneurs and academicians will help us introduce the product more easily in this market.
While in 2017, the award went to Search|hub for creating a search platform that enhances existing search engine by infusing natural language processing and reinforcement learning. In 2018, the award appreciated Luigi’s Box for search analytics features and all the products built on top of it, such as FixIT, autocomplete and search quality evaluation through offline A/B tests – features we’ve all been working hard on.
Besides international recognition we appreciated another aspect of the award.
Our solution is not only innovative and interesting for practitioners but also for academicians in the Information Retrieval field. Especially Michal, who obtained PhD in Software Engineering from Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava and worked in the academia before founding the company, was glad to hear it.
“After the event, I talked to a number of interesting people whose business or research is focused on search. Now they all know who we are and what we do. And not only because of the award but also because I got a big bottle of champagne which I couldn’t take on the plane with me, so I went around pouring champagne to everyone :-),” recaps Michal.