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Search Software for Healthcare

Search software in Healthcare and its importance

Search software in healthcare e‑commerce is used mainly through network pharmacies and healthcare providers. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, their services were used extensively. Thanks to network pharmacies, patients can look for where their medical products are available. There is also an option for online orders, or they can get their prescribed, regularly used medicaments without their doctor's visit.

Luigi's Box Search

Luigi’s Box advanced search is a tool based on artificial intelligence to get the most out of your search. It’s a unique technological solution that uses machine learning and AI to optimize the order of search results and recognize synonyms.

In addition, Luigi’s Box Search has several advanced features to get the best search experience, such as an intelligent Autocomplete feature with perfect search-as-you-type functionality where customers get desired results in a split second. Filtering search results through an intuitive UI according to various factors and customize categories, product code recognition to help customers find the desired product quickly and increase e‑shop traffic, and many others.

How else can you use Luigi's Box in Healthcare?

Luigi’s Box offers other unique tools like product recommendations by Luigi’s Box Recommender, which displays personalized product recommendations based on customers’ preferences and previous searches.

Luigi’s Box comprehensive analytics to get insights into your search, which can also track trends in search and purchases influenced by the season, weather, or current diseases in the population.

Luigi’s Box Product Listing feature drives sales and conversions by enhancing the browsing experience. Customers can easily find the product, check its characteristics, compare it with others, and ultimately purchase.

Benefits of using Luigi's Box features in Healthcare

Smart Remedy for the Pharma Giant’s Turnover

A member of the biggest pharmacy network in the EU increased its search conversion rate by 9.49%​ with Luigi's Box.

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Dr.Max Increased the Conversion Rate of Specific Product Category by 230% Over a Month

Dr.Max is one of the online pharmacy market leaders with more than 12,000 different products.

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Why is Luigi's Box a suitable search software for pharmacies and healthcare e‑shops?

Luigi’s Box is an e‑commerce solution trusted by more than 2000 e‑shops in Europe. From the beginning of its journey, the company received several awards for its Search and Analytics. Luigi’s Box integration consists of four easy steps without any IT skills or knowledge and has a great team of specialists that are the best in what they do. Luigi’s Box offers several advanced features suitable for healthcare e‑shops to simplify the search and make shopping more pleasant.

What are the benefits of using search in Healthcare?

Imagine that just downloading an app can improve patient care and health care providers’ and patients’ lives. Users can find a product online, order it and just pick it up. The importance of advanced, constantly learning search in these e‑shops or apps is that users don’t want to spend a lot of time searching for products, and this search helps them to find what they are looking for effortlessly.

Does Luigi's Box offer a free trial, and what does it include?

Yes, Luigi’s Box offers a 30-day free trial. The free trial includes all the features from our live demo and all Luigi’s Box tools up to 5000 units.  After the trial ends, one of our experts will contact you with customized cooperation.